Apple always wants to keep their use to keep away from the bit torrent, and not even a single user was able to access the torrent services. Bit now, it is possible; in this post, I will share a method to download torrents on iPhone.

Apple generally blocks the user from accessing the services, so there is a need to break that blocking to access the content of torrents, and this process is a little bit long but easy to implement. So look over the method, and you will easily access the torrents services on your iPhone.

How To Download Torrents On iPhone

First, I want to clear up some misconceptions about the BitTorrent technology that it is perfectly legal to download any file. Still, downloading copyrighted material that is not allowed downloaded through it is illegal . Now let a focus on the method to download torrents on iPhone.

Method to Download Torrents On iPhone

This method generally works with the website, which covers the link of a torrent into a shorter Url that gets utterly different from the default torrent links, and you can download that file on your iPhone very efficiently. Now follow the below steps to proceed.

Steps to Access Torrents On iPhone

  1. First, download and install the filer app from the iTunes store of your iPhone.
  2. Now create a free account on, which will be the website on which you will download the torrent file to transfer to the FILER app of your iPhone.
  3. Now search for your desired torrent file and click on download and copy the file’s download link.
  4. Now go back to zbigz and paste the URL, and your torrent will start downloading.
  5. Now an arrow button with blue will appear there, that is downloading button click on it.
  6. Now it will redirect to a page, and copy the URL.
  7.  Go to your filer app, click on the get link button, paste the Url, and click download.

With this, your file will start downloading, and you can now access any torrent files.

So above is the method for Download Torrents On iPhone. This method allows you to easily access all the torrent files by downloading them on your iPhone. You can also easily download the latest music, videos, and many more things available on torrents.

You can have a great experience with this, and the app’s downloading speed will be more than the default torrent downloader.

So by following these easy steps, you can download torrents on your iPhone. Don’t forget to share the post and leave a comment below if you face any problems regarding this topic.


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