The worldwide billionaire Elon Musk owns multiple companies, and you probably might not hear the name of some, but one of the company named Starlink was found easy to hack by a researcher.

Starlink deals in satellite Internet services, and it has consumers across 37 countries. Also, its manufacturer is SpaceX.

Researcher Used $25 Gadget To Find Flaw in Starlink System

Researcher Used $25 Gadget To Find Flaw in Starlink System
Image: Lennert Wouters

A Belgian cyber security researcher surpasses the security system of Starlink with just a simple homemade device whose part costs only $25 Dollars. This security surpass will not be counted as something wrong.

The cyber security researcher’s name is Lennert Wouters, and also he always has dreamed of discovering any defect in the Starlink System, and it seems to be fulfilled now as he is the first one to do this.

He hacked into Starlink’s user terminals and the satellite dishes (Dishy McFlatface), which are placed in homes and buildings.

Wouters detailed all these incidents at the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas, where he also showed how attackers could access the Starlink system and operate their custom code on the devices.

Also, he explained his custom circuit board, which is also known as a modification chip that can be attached to the Starlink dish via his custom codes. Besides, Wouters made this tool available on GitHub as open source.

Starlink’s Respond

Starlink has officially responded to it and published an explanation PDF. It admired the researcher and said, “We find the attack to be technically impressive, and is the first attack of its kind that we are aware of in our system”.

The company also assured to work on it and resolve it and expressed a statement on it, “Normal Starlink users do not need to be worried about this attack affecting them, or take any action in response”.


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