December 19, Facebook Platform has officially rejected the video from Adobe Flash and welcome HTML5. Now, the Facebook page news video has to HTML5 replace Adobe Flash

On December 19, according to San Francisco media news, Facebook Platform has officially rejected the video from Adobe’s Flash and welcome HTML5. Now, the Facebook page news video has to HTML5 replace Adobe Flash and this social networking site own installed video player.

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Facebook front end engineer Daniel Bao Lige said, From the deployment activity to the auxiliary functions, HTML5 offers many improvements. High standard steering HTML5, so that we can better continue to innovate rapidly and scale to meet Facebook large-scale and complicated needs.

Facebook Kick Adobe Flash For Video And Embrace Owned HTML5

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Facebook said the browser utilizing current tools and the open source community, will help turn Facebook HTML5 video abilities to improve its speed of deployment. Now, HTML5 video player will become all the browser’s default player. Bao Lige said no longer to select the code, the browser will be able to directly readjust to this change.

The HTML5 as their video player for Facebook, it is a difficulty that must be overcome, because there are many variations between Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge and other browsers. For example, Chrome browser vulnerabilities SPDY protocol instances, cause the browser can not load the video and broadcast news video message.

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Facebook stated HTML5 video performed poorly in older browsers. So, Facebook’s team first to launch a new version of the browser HTML5 video, then continuously extended to the old version of the browser, wait overcome loopholes began to expand to almost all browsers.

Facebook now only be set save for a few HTML5 web browser as the default browser where the causes of all browsers, pointing HTML5 for most users is a development, to improve the activity and reply time. Bao Lige said, the presentation of HTML5 video player not only make improvement much easier but also educate the user on the Facebook platform video encounter.

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Now, video load quicker regularity following using HTML5 video player, users more comments and share popular videos, and user criticisms about the vulnerability less. Because of this, people are consuming more time viewing video. The video is to make you a better method to connect the world, we are pleased to be able to make Facebook Platform Video experience becomes better.