As we all know that Facebook is undoubtedly the largest social network of the Internet, hence, it grew exponentially. However, the social network giant Facebook recently killed its Snapchat like app ‘Lifestage’ which is dedicated to teens only.

Facebook Just killed Its Snapchat-like Application ‘Lifestage’

Facebook is undoubtedly the largest social network of the Internet, hence, it grew exponentially and today it is the Internet center for many people. But the CEO of the Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg does not rest and has in mind a new group of users.

Hence, last year the social network giant Facebook created the Lifestage, it is the new social network app that is created and dedicated to the youngsters. The origin of the Facebook is basically known to almost everyone. It started as a social network within a university and was growing from school to school to be what it is today.

However, the Lifestage application was actually focused on teenagers, the idea was to group the people according to their place of study, that is very similar to the beginnings of the social media giant Facebook itself.

A year later, the social media giant Facebook has closed its ambitious social network application Lifestage which is dedicated to the youngsters.

“We originally launched Lifestage to facilitate teenage connections,” the social network giant Facebook explained to Business Insider. But, despite the company says that “we learned a lot from Lifestage,” all that learning will be integrated directly into the social network Facebook.

Lifestage has raised its voice for security reasons since, although access was restricted to children under 21, everything posted there would always be public – or redundant – and in the eyes of anyone.

For the same reason, the initial reception was not positive, but in fact, it was never so popular among the target audience that seems to have preferred to continue in Snapchat.

Now it seems that it is a high turn for “Lifestage”. As we all know very well that very few bunch of people and users will miss Lifestage, simply we are judging by its low ratings in the App Store.

So, what do you think about this obsoleted Lifestage application? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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