The social networking giant Facebook could soon allow users to earn money from the posts. It will become similar to Youtube, which allows users to make money from their posts. The company reportedly issued a user survey this week, in which the possible monetization options are listed, according to The Verge.

Facebook Will Soon Allow You To Earn Money From Facebook Posts

The survey also mentioned the “tip jar” that would let the facebook users to donate money to the user, donate money to charity, ad revenue sharing. The survey also disclosed that a “call to action” which you might have seen on most facebook pages, it either lets you to Sign Up, Download App or purchase something.

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However, it is unsure that whether Facebook is going to introduce this feature to its all users or it may be restricted to some persons or celebrities. This survey was first seen by a verified user, suggesting that this feature may not be available to everyone.

As of now, Facebook is not having any option from which the user can earn money by posting on Facebook. It lets the news publishers to make revenue by using Facebook by introducing more tools including ad formats. However, Facebook’s Messenger is now having an option which allows the users to send or receive money but not any option of earning money.

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Facebook and Google are two major platforms prefered by reputed advertisers. It seems that Facebook could soon allow users to make revenue from its platform.



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