Social Networking giant, Facebook is gearing up to include a “host of new robots to its messenger app” in order to intensify and optimise its messenger app.

Facebook Plans To Add Robots To its Messenger App, says report

The company is planning to announce a “Bot Store” at its F8 event for developers across the world. This bot is said to replace apps and websites for those companies that sign up for them.

The new bots are said to bring little improvement to the messenger app. Besides this, it will also launch new options like discreet secret chat feature. Moreover the messenger app is said to become a retail center or we can say a platform where users will be able to buy/sell goods via the app.

Earlier claims give us idea that bot store could be a game changer, it is believed that the bots will change the current point of view of technology. Users will be able to type or speak to the chatbot which will be artificially intelligent.

Bots will also let users to order or return products from specific companies by speaking to a robot. The automated service will send the user programmed replies. In short, if you don’t like any product which you have ordered, you will be able to return it by just speaking to a robot.

Robots will not be solely meant for the purpose of customer service, they will be also able to say push notifications from business to make people aware of the stock of the products or tell users about news from various portals.

However, various businesses won’t be able program the bots like this for their organisations, it is believed that Facebook may offer special programme so that it will help various businesses to adopt Facebook’s bot for the purpose of customer service.

The company is also busy in making tools so that it will help companies to build robots for themselves or simply to contact others. In the upcoming event of Facebook, the company is expected to launch new bot platform and various tools for developers.


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