As we all know that unlocking the iPhones is no longer a problem for the FBI and again question figured in some kind of criminal case related to the drug, the essence of which was not disclosed.

FBI Manage To Hack Another iPhone Without The Help Of Apple

[dropcap]The[/dropcap] US Justice Department has refused attempts to force Apple to unlock the iPhone, passing on the case of drug trafficking in New York. According to the prosecutor’s letter, which was sent to a federal court in New York, the authorities got their own password, which opened access to the device.

iPhone, question, figured in some kind of criminal case related to the drug and the essence of which is not disclosed in the interests of the investigation. The government has since October last year, tried in court to oblige Apple to crack the smartphone, however, to consider the case of New York Judge James Orenstein in late February ruled that Apple is not obligated to assist the investigators in this against their will.

In March, the US Justice Department said it will appeal against this decision, and in early April, confirmed its intention to seek assistance from the corporation. On Saturday, US authorities have said that Apple is already helping law enforcement agencies would be required. Who is helping intelligence agencies to crack iPhone, it is not known.

Prior to that, the US Federal Bureau of Investigation is also in court trying to force Apple to provide access to the iPhone 5c terrorist from San Bernardino, which is in December, who shot 14 people.

The FBI did not know the iPhone code, and its employees have repeatedly entered the wrong password. operating system iOS security system assumes that after 10 incorrect attempts to enter the access to the phone locked and all data is destroyed. Apple also can not access the phone’s memory.

The court ordered the corporation to create a program, opening access. But Apple refused and appealed the court decision. The company said that such actions are in direct violation of the rights of clients. Many IT-companies have supported it. As a result, the FBI cracked the iPhone by their own. Intelligence agencies have paid hackers for assistance in excess of $1.3 million.

In the case of drug trafficking in New York featured iPhone other models. According to informed sources, talking about iPhone 5s running iOS 7. The device could be cracked using the technologies used in the case of telephone “arrow of San Bernardino”.


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