We all know very well that the Core i9 brand is Intel’s Premium category, and it’s very exclusive processors to start with because they have exorbitant prices. However, now according to the latest reports, the first Intel Core i9 mobile processor on its way.

GOOD NEWS! First Intel Core i9 Mobile Processor On Its Way

When Intel created the new Core i9 brand it did so to differentiate two key groups within the Core X HEDT family of processors, with the Core i7 X-Series and its 28 PCI-Express lanes and the Core i9 X-Series with 44 PCIe lanes, present in the Skylake-X processors. As it seems, now Intel intends to bring these Core i9 also to laptops, obviously the flagship of different manufacturers.

The Core i9 brand is Intel’s Premium category, and it’s very exclusive processors to start with because they have exorbitant prices. Thus, the brand asks for $999 for the most basic processor in the range and reaches $2,000 in the Core i9 7980XE, the top of the range.

It seems that now the giant chip manufacturer Intel wants to open a little doors to these exclusive processors including them in laptops, although in these the number of PCI-Express lanes has a much lower importance than desktop computers, although everything is said, there is also portable with SLI configurations and with a good handful of physical cores.

This will be the Intel Core i9 Mobile processors

Intel’s Core i9 Mobile processor family could bring similar performance to desktop six-core Coffee Lake processors but to laptops only. It seems that Intel is giving the final touches to the Core i9-8000 Series processors “Coffee Lake-H” that will have six cores and twelve process threads, like their desktop counterparts, along with 12 MB of L3 cache.

In theory, the first processor in this family will be the Core i9 8950HK, sighted in the patch notes of the latest version of the well-known Aida64 software. These chips would allow laptops of 17 or more inches -for which they will need an advanced cooling system- mount several graphics cards in SLI/CrossFireX and service 4K UHD screens in any type of game without any problem, because of talk about CAD-oriented workstations and laptops.

Moreover, the new Intel Core i9-8950HK is expected to come along with other remaining eight generation mobile chips which will be based on the Coffee Lake-H architecture and here they are:-

  • Intel Core i3-8300H
  • Intel Core i5-8400H
  • Intel Core i7-8750H
  • Intel Core i7-8850H
  • Intel Core i9-8950HK

At the moment we do not know anything else because as we mentioned this news comes from the patch notes of Aida64 in which the aforementioned “super high” range processor for laptops is mentioned. We will have to wait for Intel to make the official announcement to know more concrete data.

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