Android 12 is right now available to every mid to high-end smartphone. A new operating system from Google introduced a new design, following the Material You theme. Android 12 also introduced many essential privacy features, apart from the design.

Although Android 12 is mostly bug-free, it still has some compatibility issues with the apps. On the Chrome official support forum, many Android 12 users have complained about the slow Chrome issue.

Users have reported that Chrome lags after installing the Android 12 update and takes time to open. If you are also dealing with slow Google Chrome issues on Android 12 and looking for ways to resolve them, you have landed on the right page.

6 Best Ways to Fix Slow Google Chrome Issue on Android 12

This guide will share the few best methods to fix Slow Google Chrome issues on Android 12. The methods will be straightforward; follow them as we have mentioned.

1) Restart your Android 12 device

We often underestimate the power of a simple restart, but it’s a thing that can fix many hardware or software-related problems.

Restart your Android 12 device

So, if you haven’t restarted your Android device for a while, it’s the best time to restart. A simple restart will also fix a software issue causing a slow google chrome issue on your Android 12 device. So, before following the next methods, make sure to restart your device.

2) Update the Google Chrome web browser

Sometimes, outdated versions of Google Chrome also lead to such problems. Hence, the first thing you need to do is update your Google Chrome web browser from the Google Play Store.

Updating the Google Chrome web browser will also fix bugs and glitches that conflict with the sync issue on Android. Here’s how you can update your Google Chrome web browser.

1. First, open the App drawer on your device and tap on the Play Store.

Play Store

2. On the Play Store, search for Google Chrome. Next, tap on Google Chrome from the list of matching results.

Google Chrome

3. On the Google Chrome app listing page, tap on the Update button (if available).


After the update, re-open the Google Chrome browser. The slow chrome issue on Android 12 is likely to be fixed.

3) Close Unused Tabs in Chrome

Compared to other web browsers, Chrome consumes more RAM, and if your device has less RAM, you will face a slow google chrome issue. Each tab you open in your Chrome browser consumes RAM resources and data.

Close Unused Tabs in Chrome

Hence, a lack of RAM resources can slow down Google Chrome and your device. So, make sure to close all unused tabs in the Google Chrome web browser to fix the problem.

4) Activate the Preload pages option

Google Chrome for Android has a feature that opens web pages faster. You need to turn on the network action predictions (prefetch) to make the browser open web pages more quickly.

You should enable the preload pages for faster browsing and searching, but you need to adjust a few things. Preload pages, if turned on, will fetch and serve you the old content of web pages. Hence, you need to manually reload the pages to get the new contents of your favorite blogs.

1. First of all, open the Google Chrome web browser on your Android device.

2. Next, tap on the three dots located in the top-right corner of the screen.

three dots

3. On the menu that appears tap on the Settings.


4. On the Chrome Settings, scroll down and tap on Privacy and Security.

Privacy and Security

5. Next, on the Privacy and Security page, scroll down and tap on the Preload pages.

Preload pages

6. On the Preload pages screen, select the Standard preloading.

Standard preloading

That’s it! This feature will preload some of the pages that you visit. Pages may be preloaded via Google servers when linked from a Google Site.

5) Chrome the Cache of Chrome Browser

If you are still experiencing a slow google chrome issue on your Android 12, you need to clear the cache of the Chrome browser. Here are some of the simple steps you need to follow.

1. First, long-press the Chrome icon on your home screen and select App info.

App info

2. On the App info page of Chrome, scroll down and select Storage usage.

select Storage usage

3. tap on the Clear cache option on the Storage usage screen.

Clear cache

That’s it! If the cached data is the reason behind the slow chrome issue on Android 12, it will be fixed immediately. You might have to log in with your Google account again on the Chrome browser.

6) Reinstall the Chrome browser

If all methods have failed to fix the Slow Google Chrome issue in Android 12, the final option is to reinstall the Chrome browser. Here’s how to reinstall the Chrome browser on an Android to fix the slow chrome issue.

1. First, long-press the Chrome icon on the home screen and select Uninstall. Alternatively, open Play Store > Google Chrome and select the Uninstall option.

2. Once uninstalled, open the Google Play Store and search for Chrome browser.

3. Open the Chrome browser from the list and tap on the Install button.

That’s it! This will install the Chrome browser again on your Android 12. After installing, open Google Chrome and log in with your Google Account. The slow google chrome issue on Android 12 is likely to be fixed.

Android 12 is slowly rolling out to all devices, and it’s not entirely bug-free. Due to the bugs, users often face slow Google Chrome issues on Android 12. However, Google is working hard to improve its new Android 12; hence, install all pending updates on your smartphone to get a bug & glitch-free experience.