We all know very well that Fortnite is launched in 2017 and quickly became very popular. In March of this year, the game was released for iOS and now finally it is available for Android. However, now according to the latest reports, the well-known and popular battle royale game Fortnite for Android just got amazing new features.

Fortnite For Android Just Got Amazing New Features

The popular battle royale game Fortnite is available on several platforms but has not yet been released for Android. Hence, the users of the most used mobile operating system, of course, Android has now finally put their hands on the game.

Moreover, the well-known and popular battle royale game Fortnite is currently the game of the moment and increasingly is conquering the market with new players, although it is not yet available for all platforms as we told. The most awaited version is undoubtedly the one that is being created for Android, and that stubborn in not being released.

Contrary to what would be expected, it has now been confirmed that Fortnite for Android will not arrive via the tech giant Google’s Android app store, of course, the Google Play Store, but via the Epic Games website. The reasons given are logical, but this can open a serious precedent.

Information about the arrival of the well-known and popular battle royale game Fortnite to Android has come very slowly, being fed mostly by rumors and unconfirmed information that is emerging.

The most important information so far realized that this game will be an exclusive to the South Korean giant Samsung’s flagship smartphone, of course, the Galaxy Note 9, something that still needs to be confirmed.

But, as announced by Epic Games, there is a novelty of weight. As the well-known and popular battle royale game Fortnite for Android will not be available via the Google Play Store but directly from the Epic Game website in a specific installer.

As we told earlier that the Fortnite is one of the games of the moment, with the Android platform to be explored with some characteristics. In addition to the release that came in late and for a few days, exclusive to Samsung models as we told, the app is also not being distributed through the Google Play Store.

Now the game is upgraded to the platform, with the implementation of various improvements and optimization of features, and finally reaches more smartphone brands.

The version of Fortnite for Android has been the subject of much contestation by users. First was the late launch of the application, then its initial availability only for Samsung smartphones, then its non-entry for the Google apps store, and a few more stories that have unfolded.

However, none of this incidents were able to remove its potential players. On the contrary, smartphone users of some brands continued to complain about support.

Epic Games has finally released a new update to the game that brings numerous new features including support for more smartphone brands.

Essential PH-1, HTC, Motorola, and Sony Xperia are the four new brands that join the list of Android smartphones where you can play the well-known Fortnite game. The models are not specified but should be all those of the various brands that comply with the hardware and software requirements imposed by the game.

In addition to these new models, we must highlight some of the improvements implemented in this update. Epic Games has now equipped Fortnite with a VoIP communication system and implemented an audio system to improve the quality and sound system.

Smartphones with Adreno GPUs should also note graphical enhancements as optimizations have been implemented.

The list of improvements is extensive and relies on several categories, from the game experience, performance, audio, to the interface itself and game modes. And not only that even this well-known and popular game reaches 15 million downloads on Android just 21 days after release.

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