Discover the unusual technique used by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the founders of the tech giant Google, in their interviews. The trick is not precisely to throw you hard questions.

The Founders Of Google Use This Curious Technique In Their Job Interviews

The tech giant Google is known to ask rare questions to candidates, and even recently announced that they would remove questions from their interviews for being too surreal.

However, Tim Armstrong, a former Google executive and current CEO of AOL, unveiled a technique that engaged Sergey Brin and Larry Page in their job interviews and does not involve asking extraneous questions. Rather, they did not ask questions at all.

Google’s founders are asking candidates to ask themselves the questions. According to Armstrong, in his own interview, the renowned businessmen told him that they were not very clear what to ask him, telling him that he should interview himself.

“What questions would you ask if you were us?” Was the question they asked their candidate.

Over the years, Armstrong discovered that he was not the only subject to self-interview in front of Brin and Page. The founders routinely used this method to meet a candidate for the job interview.

The good news is they will not have to deal with requests revealed by the tech giant Google in the past like “Estimate how many gas stations you think there are in Manhattan.”

So, be prepared to become the interviewer if you plan to apply for a job on Google, you never know. You may want to consult the question that every recruiter should ask in an interview, or what is the best question to get to know a candidate.

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