Fully customize your android device after rooting your android and installing the ing Xposed installer.

If you have an entry rooted in your android or are thinking about rooting it, then go fo,r it, as the tweak we are discussing here will completely change your android experience. And this will only be done by rooting your android and tinstallinglXposedosed installer in it.

After that, you will use an excellent Xposed module, an Xblast tool allowing you to customize your android carefully. Follow up with the complete guide below to proceed.

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How to Fully Customize Your Android With Xblast Tools

There are lots of things that can be done using Xblast Tools, and those are listed below:-

  • you can choose your favorite color for your Clock without modifying APK files
  • You can add custom text along with the Clock, which will be displayed in the status bar and notification bar
  • You can add color to a Date field in the notification bar…
  • You can choose your favorite font for the clock & Date field in the status bar & notification bar…
  • You can add your favorite fonts into your /sdcard/fonts/ folder; it will be listed in the app.
  • You can add bar code fonts for the clock & Date fields in the status bar & notification bar.
  • You can add shadow and color for the Clock and custom text as you like
  • You can choose any color for the status bar…
  • You can make it completely transparent for notification.
  • You can enable 180 rotation of phones(can rotate in all directions)…
  • You can choose any color for Battery…
  • You can choose any color for wifi signal
  • You can choose any color for the Mobile signal
  • You can change the carrier name in the lock screen and notification…
  • You can apply color to the carrier name in the lock screen and notification…
  • Change the carrier name size in lock-screen
  • You can have a Full-screen caller picture on your phone
  • Set default caller image for full-screen caller function
  • Set any color for name, phone number, etc
  • Hide Am Pm
  • Complete transparency for status bar
  • Choose any Notification panel bg image or color
  • Status bar Center Clock
  • CRT Screen off effect (No Effect, Horizontal Effect, and Vertical Effect)
  • Enable or disable the status bar during the full-screen call
  • Apply any font for name, phone number, etc., for full-screen caller
  • Ram usage in a recent panel
  • Button to Clear all current tasks
  • Notification Pull-down/Pullup Speed
  • Advanced Power-off menu(Soft Reboot, Reboot, Reboot to recovery, Fast boot & Screenshot)
  • Choose wifi and mobile in our color.
  • Mobile Color will be applied to mobile type as well
  • In the full-screen caller function… during incoming cal, ls glow dots’ color will be changed…
  • Choose Ticker text color
  • Choose Toast text color & Toast bg color
  • Build. prob tweaks
  • Choose Notification text & content color (this is experimental)
  • New Color picker with a hex code option
  • Network speed will be displayed in the status bar & Choose a color for it
  • Smart alarm icon option
  • Backup & Restore Options
  • Hide Clock
  • Skip tracks on volume keys long-press while the screen is off
  • Controls cursor using volume keys in text fields
  • Safe headset media volume
  • Added New Module For Daydream
  • Select Daydream background color or image
  • Select Daydream Clock color
  • Choose a color for the alarm icon, vibrate, Bluetooth, Silent
  • Added Custom text & font options to Daydream
  • You can change the Holo background to any color or image
  • Added new Gradient Settings for notification panel bg, Daydream, and holo
  • Added New Module For navigation bar
  • Choose any color for the primary text
  • Choose any color for Secondary text
  • Choose any color for the divider line
  • Choose any color for the tile
  • Choose any color for the Keyboard background
  • Choose any color for the keyboard key color
  • Choose any color for the keyboard letter color
  • Integrated XLocky into this app
  • Choose custom lock and long ring icons. Even you can choose icons from icon packs.
  • Disable fullscreen keyboard in landscape
  • Choose any color for the popup and dialog background
  • Choose any color for seek bar color
  • Choose the size for the custom lock and long ring icon. Even you can choose an icon from icon packs.
  • Choose any color for the lock screen text
  • Choose a position for the network speed indicator
  • Added circle RAM type
  • Choose a custom color or image for the holo light theme
  • Choose a transparent divider line
  • Added signal(dBm) & wifi text options
  • Choose custom fonts for toast notification
  • Choose toast notification position
  • Choose custom boot animation, preview, and apply the same
  • Flip to silence or vibrate during the incoming call
  • Added Gesture Anywhere module
  • The added new module appears, aka sidebar
  • Choose a custom navigation bar from the zip files (VR theme nav bar zip file or Zip them nav bar zip file)
  • Choose quick settings text & icon color.
  • The app bar is fully compatible with the halo module
  • Choose different toast styles
  • Choose different battery styles like stock, circle, and pie Batteries with or without text
  • Create intentions for existing contacts without a contact photo in the communications app or phone app
  • Sets the background of the notification panel header to an image based on the current date and time
  • pulse notification light, aka LED control
  • lock screen notification functionality for KitKat
  • Added breathing missed call option
  • Added keypad pin shuffler option
  • Added status bar and navigation bar gestures like left swipe, right swipe, long press, double tap
  • Added new module Quiet Hours
  • Added Notification Peek from PA for KK
  • Added Circle App launcher from OMNI
  • Added driver mode from OMNI

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Steps To Install Xblast Tools:

  1. First, you need a rooted android as the Xposed installer can only be installed on a rooted android, so Root your android to proceed.
  2. After rooting your android device, you have to install the Xposed installer on your android, and that’s quite a lengthy process. You can proceed with our Guide to Install Xposed Installer On Android.Xposed Installer
  3. Now download and install the app XBlast Tools-XposedXblast Tools
  4. Now launch the app and customize your android as you want using this.

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With this now, you can quickly try out many cool tweaks and tricks and fully customize your android. I hope you like this, keep on sharing and leave a comment below if you have any related queries with this.