Learn how to Generate a Report of Bounced Email Addresses in Gmail with the help of simple spreadsheet creation that will generate this report for you, So follow the tutorial to proceed.

Sometimes you might have tried to send some email to any other ID on Gmail, and you get up the returned message that your email hasn’t been sending properly, the recipient mail has recognized your email as spam, or any other error.

This could be the common issue while you use up Gmail for sending the emails, but the thing is, where do all those bounced emails go, and what happens to those emails after these failed to send multiple times you tried it. This is really easy to know about that. All those bounced emails remain like junk inside your Gmail account in some section of your sent messages and go on, affecting your account stability as well as the sending reputation.

All those bounced email messages should be definitely tracked and removed from the accounts so that the account remains working smoothly.

Here in this article, we have described how Gmail users could generate the report of all their bounced emails and then remove all those junk emails.

If you are also willing to keep track of the bounced emails on your Gmail account, then go and read out the method from the article below!

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Steps to Generate a Report of Bounced Email Addresses in Gmail

Mail Merge is the tool that keeps track of all the bounced messages in Gmail, and hence it could be used for keeping up the check on those bounced messages, but if you are not willing to go for it, then you could also follow up the below method for the same purpose.

  1. First of all, go to this Link and thereafter create a copy of the Google Spreadsheets using up the options and tools on that link page. Note that you would have to use your Google Spreadsheets account for this purpose.
  2. Now click on the Gmail Menu placed adjacent to the Help option on the link page and thereafter choose the Bounce Report option. This option could be easily found on the page, and the purpose of the option is to create the report of all those Bounced messages of Gmail.
  3. After performing the above step, just choose to allow the Google Script to Access your Gmail Account. After doing so, move forward to the next step that is given below only.
  4. Watch your Google Sheet as it would be populated with the whole of the bounced messages or the addresses. You have finally got up all those bounced message details which you were to find up. In this whole process, every interaction takes place in such a way that none of your information is leaked or processed simultaneously for other redirected sites. You could, therefore, feel totally safe while working on this method!
  5. The spreadsheet you obtained after the method contains all those bounced email messages, their reason for bouncing, and the link for those messages from which you could reach up to those messages and then either delete those messages or try them again.

From the above article, you have now got about the easy method of tracking all those bounced emails on your Gmail account, generate the report for all those, and therefore perform some of the basic to well-defined actions on all those emails.

This method should be felt to be must require for those heavy Gmail users who use to send up lots of Emails through their account. The method also helps to keep up the Gmail totally clean and helps to manage out the send email messages or bounced email messages which are really very beneficial!


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