Time to Get iPad’s PiP Mode on Any iPhone that will help you to do multitasking on your ios device with the help of cool cydia tweak that will help you to embed this feature right now.

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he PiP mode stands for the picture-in-picture mode that in general was first introduced by the Apple in its iOS 9 version. This feature lets the users watch up to the videos in the small pop-up window while you perform other tasks on your device, or you could say that this feature gives up the virtual environment for your video players such that these could be played by not blocking the other feature sets. Although the feature was amazing for some of the reasons this was not bought up for the iPhone devices but was made available for the iPad devices only. This was done by the apple because according to them the feature could be only utilized well on the larger screens but in really the small screen devices could also grasp the functionality of the feature very well. Here in this article, we have written about the way through which the PiP feature could also be included well in the iPhone devices, just follow up the article to know about the way and hence get up the feature working on any of your iPhone devices!

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How to Get iPad’s PiP Mode on Any iPhone

Requirements: For the feature to be made available on your iPhone device it needs to gain the Jailbroken access.

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Steps to Get iPad’s PiP Mode on Any iPhone:

1. First of all install up to the ForceInPicture from the Cydia, to do that up navigate to the Search tab inside the Cydia and then search for the app. Select up the app from the search results and then tap on the Install -> Confirm button. Tap on the Restart SpringBoard option to complete up to the installation process.

2. Once you have the ForceInPicture installed on your device, this would exactly work like the original PiP mode as on the iPad. Now when you are viewing any video on Safari, you would be able to see the Pop-out option through which the video could be played in the pop-out window, and you could hence work on any of the other tasks sides by side on your iPhone device.

How to Get iPad's PiP Mode on Any iPhone
How to Get iPad’s PiP Mode on Any iPhone

3. The mode works with almost every web video service, and it also works with the every Safari’s media controls. To resize the pop-up window you just need to pinch in and pinch out. It also works in the third party applications that all uses the safari’s media controls.

How to Get iPad's PiP Mode on Any iPhone
How to Get iPad’s PiP Mode on Any iPhone

4. To exit out from the PiP mode, you just need to tap on the Pop-in button on the video and if you wish to close the video altogether then just tap on the cross icon on the video. The only downside of this method is that it won’t work for the media players that all uses their custom media controls rather than the compatible ones.

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So from the above article, we have tried to help you out for giving you the way to easily get that PiP mode on any of your iPhone devices. Through this method, the amazing feature would be easily included on your iPhone and hence you would also be able to play up the videos in the pop-up window and side by side work on the other actions on your device!


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