We all know very well that when the tech giant Google introduced the latest Gmail update, it brought several important features that improve the use of this service. Among the various novelties present, there was the possibility of sending confidential messages. However, now according to the latest reports, the tech giant Google allowing third-party applications to read your Gmail.

Google Allowing Third-Party Apps To Read Your Gmail

It was last July that information emerged that the tech giant Google was allowing outside programmers to access Gmail messages and they were extracting data from users, often without knowing it.

In response to a request for clarification from the US Senate, the company, of course, the tech giant Google has now admitted this situation and revealed some additional information, which shows its rules for this use.

The tech giant Google’s position on the issue raised in July this year has never been clear. Although the tech giant Google itself decided not to read Gmail messages and get information from them, it was suspected that outside programmers had access to all this information, without the users having a clue.

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Of course, after all, the social network giant Facebook’s problems with data sharing, this question raised some questions within the American legislators, who asked explanations to Alphabet.

The answer has now arrived and confirms what was suspected. The tech giant Google allows programmers access to messages so they can get information and even share it with third parties.

The tech giant Google’s statement came in a letter sent by Susan Molinari, the tech giant Google’s vice president for government affairs and public policy, explaining ways to evaluate applications that have access to Gmail.

According to the tech giant Google, there are automated mechanisms that evaluate the application of the tech giant Google policies in these apps after their publication, and the company also evaluates reports of security researchers on these apps.

One of the most important points of the tech giant Google letter is that access to this data can only be done after the submission of a privacy policy describing how to share the data with third parties and obtain authorization from users.

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Although the tech giant Google was asked to disclose cases of rule violation and other important information, however, the company, of course, the tech giant Google did not disclose any information.

This is likely to be called for again at a Senate hearing, which will take place on the 26th, where representatives from the tech giant Google, Apple, AT&T, and Twitter will attend the session.

The tech giant Google response letter has been made public and is available for consultation. If you want you can read it in full which is mentioned below.


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