Google: Android Might NOT Remain FREE
Google: Android Might NOT Remain FREE

We all know very well that Android is the most widely used mobile operating system on the market, hence, it is subject to scrutiny and constant assessment by regulators from the countries where it is present. However, now according to the latest reports, the tech giant Google warned that Android might not remain free simply because of the fine imposed by the EU commission.

Google: Android Might NOT Remain FREE

As the most widely used mobile operating system on the market, Android is subject to scrutiny and constant assessment by regulators from the countries where it is present. Proof of this is the fine imposed this week and it comes to demand an immediate change in Android and its business model.

Following this decision, and to show the tech giant Google’s position, its CEO, Sundar Pichai, has made public the advantages of Android and even reveal that the business model of this operating system may have to change. There are still no certainties, but the tech giant Google may have to charge for using Android.

In a lengthy post, he made on the tech giant Google’s blog, Sundar Pichai made harsh criticism of the European Commission and the arguments put forward for the decision to impose a fine of 5 billion dollars.

It is also explained that the Android business model is designed to open the operating system to brands and that to be profitable, it is important that the tech giant Google’s services are installed. He also gave important numbers about installing apps on Android, which shows that there are alternative apps.

The tech giant Google has revealed that a typical Android phone user will install about 50 applications. Last year, more than 94 billion apps were downloaded globally in the Play Store, which includes browsers such as Opera Mini and Firefox. These have been downloaded more than 100 million times and the UC Browser has been unloaded more than 500 million times.

Now, these figures show that Chrome is not being taxed and that users are installing alternatives, abandoning the tech giant Google’s browser and having the option to choose.

Another important point is in not having to use Android with Google services. Sundar Pichai exemplifies Amazon using AOSP for its Fire tablets and Fire TV sticks.

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Of course, it is preferable to be inside the Android ecosystem with Google services, since this ensures the existence of compatibility rules, which in the long term is certain of the non-existence of fragmentation, which is good for users, programmers and mobile phone manufacturers.

One of the most important points of the Sundar Pichai is really focused on Google’s business model for Android. So far it was balanced and profitable for both parties, but that may change in the future.

Here’s what Sundar Pichai stated, “so far, Android’s business model has meant that we did not have to charge manufacturers any value for our technology or depend on a rigidly controlled distribution model.”

This is not a direct statement that Google may soon start charging for using Android but shows that this model may change soon.

Moreover, the tech giant Google will appeal the ruling, but if it loses, it has to rethink Android and the freeway it makes everything available to manufacturers. It remains only to know to whom the additional value will be charged if the manufacturer is the user.

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