The tech giant Google is reportedly working on a new feature, Anti-Tracking for Android. As per the reports, Google is following Apple’s footsteps, as Apple has started making its App Tracking Transparency. Having an Anti-Tracking feature for both the OS will balance the user’s privacy.

Google to Follow Apple in Introducing an Anti-Tracking Feature for Android

Google to Follow Apple in Introducing an Anti-Tracking Feature for Android

This new feature for Android users will let users limit the collected data. There are reports that Google might not be hard as Apple with the Anti-tacking feature for Android. To develop the ideas for the new feature, the company asks for input from the stakeholders.

If the reports are true, we can expect that the industry finally feels the need to check whether the user data is being collected. The Google Spokesperson told me that the company likes to work with developers who develop a “healthy, ad-supported app ecosystem.”

The company has described the project as the Privacy Sandbox Project. The mission is to create a growing web ecosystem that is considerable of users and private by default. Under the project, Google limits the cross-site tracking that has become standard on the web.

Google says,

“We believe that part of the magic of the web is that content creators can publish without any gatekeepers and that the web’s users can access that information freely because the content creators can fund themselves through online advertising. That advertising is vastly more valuable to publishers and advertisers and more engaging and less annoying to users when it is relevant to the user.”

Already Apple has implemented its App Tracking Transparency with the latest iOS 14.5 beta update. In the new framework, the developers will use the App tracking framework and check if the app collects data about end-users and shares it with others to track across apps and sites.


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