Google Assistant Redesign Now Rolling Out
Google Assistant Redesign Now Rolling Out

We all know very well that increasingly, operating systems are adapting to users’ needs and creating mechanisms to protect them. Hence, now after the tech giant Google’s well-known most used web browser and the upcoming latest version of Android, of course, Chrome and Android Q now Google Assistant will get the most used feature, of course, the dark mode.

Google Assistant Redesign is Now Rolling Out

Increasingly, operating systems are adapting to users’ needs and creating mechanisms to protect them. The latest wave of development is bringing the dark mode simply to protect viewers from using these tools, as it’s one of the current trends in software. The well-known and most used feature Dark Mode has become a universal presence not only on YouTube but also in leading mobile applications.

Now, it’s time for the tech giant Google’s own personal digital Assistant application to begin testing this new feature. As this feature brings lots of plus points along with it like it consumes much less battery and not only that even this feature also protect our eyes as well.

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Hence, this trend has not gone unnoticed by the tech giant Google’s engineers. In this regard and according to the well-known media platform, of course, 9to5Google, the tech giant Google’s virtual assistant application, of course, Google Assistant will be the next to receive this new mode after Chrome and Android Q.

In the above images we can see that, how the tech giant Google’s virtual assistant, of course, Google Assistant would look like with the new dark mode skin. According to the same source, this new dark mode simply transforms all the menus and all aspects of the application, of course, Google Assistant and along with its menu all its info cards and widget also gets modified.

Basically, the all-new update of the Google Assistant will radically transform the aspect of this application. As the graphics presented in these images simply shows us a total conversion of colors with a perfect symmetry of the dark colors.

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However, in dark mode, the black color will naturally predominate, while all text presented will be white. Therefore, it will be easy to read and understand the contents presented. Still according to the reports, in this beta, there are still some flaws and imperfections, hence, for now, it requires quite more work and development.

Moreover, right now we do not know that when the well-known dark mode will reach the stable version of Google Assistant. However, the fact is that for now we already know that this dark mode will be one of the main features of Android Q, of course, it is the next version of Google’s most used mobile operating system, Android. So, what do you think about this? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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