Google has rolled out an update to the Google camera app, and it brings some of the new Pixel 6 features to the old pixel smartphones. The Google camera 8.4 update brings exclusive camera features like Face Unblur, Action pan, and more.

These features are exclusive to Google Pixel 6 only. The company has also added the ability to modify exposure and “Timer Light” to old Pixel smartphones. The Google Camera update is now available for all the pixel users, so update your app now.

Get New Pixel 6 Features to your Old Pixel Smartphones

Google Pixel 6 features on old phones (1)

Moreover, Google has added a new Manual controls section in settings; it allows the users to enable or disable exposure controls from the camera viewfinder. In the camera interface, there is a cogwheel icon; it shows that when you swipe down, you can open Google Camera settings.

All the older Pixel devices will gradually get the Google Camera update. According to the reports, sideloading the app works on Pixel 5 and 4a. However, on a few of the Pixel devices, the update is crashing after opening the app for a few seconds.

If you are using a Google Pixel device, then you can check out if the update is available for your device from the Play Store or not.

Recently, there were reports that Google Pixel 6 series is getting heart rate tracking and respiratory tracking features via the Google Fit app. These features were there on Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a, and now it’s coming to Pixel 6 also.

The Google Fit app uses the phone’s camera to check the heart rate and respiratory rate. However, the company has said that this feature is not for medical use. Google Pixel 6 users can check whether they have received this feature by Browse > Vitals. Here, two cards will be seen at the bottom of the Home tab.


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