Google, Facebook Headquarters Are At Risk of Being Flooded
Google, Facebook Headquarters Are At Risk of Being Flooded

Global Warming is the increase of Earth’s average surface temperature due to various factors. Due to this, the major tech companies, Google and Facebook’s headquarters are at risk of being flooded due to rise in sea levels.

Google, Facebook Headquarters Are At Risk of Being Flooded

A fresh forecast by a team of scientists has alerted that the headquarters of these companies including Cisco are at risk of being cut off or flooded. The team also observed that the companies may witness cut off from others across the world.

“Without significant adaptation, social media giant Facebook’s new campus appears most at risk,” according to the report from The Guardian.

Facebook’s new campus is more vulnerable to floods which is 430,000 sq ft complex with a nine acre garden rooftop and is located at San Francisco Bay shoreline. The offices can accommodate 2,800 employees.

According to senior planner at California’s Bay Conservation and Development Commission, Lindy Lowe, “Facebook is very vulnerable,”. They built on a very low site. I do not know why they chose to build there. Facebook thinks they can pay enough to protect themselves”.

“The temporary flooding within the campus can probably be addressed, but the temporary flooding onto the roadway can’t be addressed by them. I think they realize that is the weakest link for them. We’ll see how dedicated they are to that facility.”

The elevation that Facebook gave to its establishment will not cope with 1.6 ft rise in sea levels by the end of the century.

Google’s headquarter is situated at Mountain View, California and Cisco headquarter is located at San Jose which may get some relief from floods.

“Even with a small increase, the sea comes into the 101 highway by the Googleplex and the whole areas could be screwed up,” Kristina Hill, an environmental planning and urban design expert at the University of California-Berkeley, was cited as saying.

“Google and Facebook will have to redo their campuses. I don’t think there’s been much success in getting Google to support adaption, it’s not really on their radar.” said professor Kristina Hill.

The commercial as well as residential property around the Bay Area which are valued at $100 Billion are at risk from sea level rise and severe storms.


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