Google is now finally working on an in-house smartwatch that might launch in 2022. The company has brought many smartphones under the Pixel line but has never made its own smartwatch even though Google had a wearable platform Wear OS since 2014.

The report comes from Insider that says the upcoming Google smartwatch is developed by the Pixel hardware team that is different from Fitbit, which Google bought for $2.1 billion.

The Google smartwatch has a codename of “Rohan,” though there’s no confirmation whether the company will call it “Pixel Watch” or not.

Google Pixel Smartwatch Could Launch Next Year

Google Pixel Smartwatch Could Launch Next Year

According to Insider’s report, the smartwatch will offer the same role as the Pixel phones. It is expected to cost more than a Fitbit and will be a competitor with Apple Watch.

The upcoming Google smartwatch will be different than Fitbit watches as it will not be just a fitness-focus smart band. As per the report, the wearable will be packed with advanced features like heart rate monitoring, ECG, step counting, and more.

Google is also working to debut Fitbit integration to WearOS that is codenamed “Nightlight.” At present, the company is developing the next-gen platform for smartwatches with Wear OS 3.

The Wear OS 3 was developed as a partnership with Samsung and merged the platform into Google’s own. However, Wear OS 3 is only launched on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 that runs a customized version of the new operating system.

On talking about the availability of Google Smartwatch, it will reportedly launch next year, and the prices will be higher than Fitbit watches.

According to a 2019 report, Google had a Pixel Watch. The LG Watch Sport and LG Watch Style, released in 2017, was originally a part of the Pixel brand. An employee told Insider that the Google hardware boss canceled the idea because the smartwatches didn’t look like they belonged to the Pixel family.


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