The tech giant Google to create a social network have many years. There have been several attempts that the tech giant Google did but never succeeded. However, now according to the latest reports, the tech giant Google itself has announced that Google+ is now officially dead.

Google: Google+ Is Now Officially Dead

The idea and intention of the tech giant Google to create a social network have many years. There have been several attempts that the tech giant Google did but never succeeded.

With Google Plus the company, of course, I am talking about the tech giant Google dragged the idea until it decided to close the service now. But the blame lies in a massive data leak that has been going on for 3 years.

The recent news clearly shows that the tech giant Google’s Google+ will close. It was the tech giant Google itself that announced it, but in a very discreet way and without advancing the real reasons for this move.

The process of terminating this social network will begin in the coming weeks and will end in August 2019, when it will be definitely closed for users. Curiously, the tech giant Google has plans to leave the strand aimed at active companies.

The reasons for ending Google+

Before the tech giant Google announced this, information has emerged that there has been a security breach in one of the Google+ APIs over the last 3 years. This flaw would have been discovered recently, in a security review which is done by the tech giant Google itself, which declined to disclose it.

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According to the sources close to this process, the reason for the refusal to disclose the information was linked with a possible bad image that this case would cause on the company.

At the core of the problem would be the access that this API would give to user data and their contacts, even if they had their data marked as private.

The size of this problem would exceed the recent problems, affecting 500 thousand users, who would have given access to 438 applications.

In assessing this flaw, the tech giant Google apparently did not detect any misuse of the API, even with the current flaw, so it also served as a justification for not revealing the problem to the public.

With the end of the Google+, the tech giant Google has also announced a number of new features associated with the management of user data, the control they have over their data and information that allows applications to access.

After the social network giant Facebook and its scandal with Cambridge Analytica, now is the time for the tech giant Google to find itself struggling with privacy issues. This is yet another case that proves that even with all security measures applied, flaws exist, and on any side, nobody is truly protected. So, what do you think about this? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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