Glance, the lock screen content platform is reportedly coming to Android devices in the U.S., and we can say within the upcoming two months about the launch deadline.

Previously, Google updated its in-built password manager, and this new update includes many new enhancements and a shortcut for the Android smartphone homepage.

Google-Powered Glance Would Arrive for Android Smartphones in the US


Google-Powered Glance Will Arrive for Android Smartphone in US

Indian multinational mobile advertising technology company InMobi’s subsidiary Glance is a lock screen platform for Android devices, and as TechCrunch reported, it will arrive in the U.S.

The lock screen platform contains many categories of content, such as news, media content, and games with advertisements, and it wants to follow the same pattern in the U.S. with its personalized content.

In the beginning, it will be available to several Android smartphones, and the company will not set up its server in the U.S.; it will go with wireless carriers for partnerships.

The company is valued at around $2 billion, and it has around 400 million smartphone users based in the Asian market, but in the U.S. market, it will deliver a “premium offering” as it paid for digital services.

But, when TechCrunch reached out to Glance for confirmation, it declined. Despite this, the company also announced to expand the platform globally in the earlier months.

This report relies on details that sources know, but we can’t say confirmed the chances are about 80 percent and others for the delay, but it is planning to enter the U.S. market.

Separately, Apple has also announced to improve the lock screen for iPhones with iOS16, and its new lock screen customization includes big widgets, 3D wallpapers, themes, and multi-profiles.

Recently Google also invested in the company, which was around $140 Million & another big company, Jio, also invested in it, and now it seems the company’s investment might get a good turn.


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