Google has started working on its next-lineup version of the Android Operating System. However, Android 13 hasn’t launched yet, and some latest actions in the Google Source project have revealed its codename.

As we all know, Android developers are currently working on Android 13, which will launch this year. Still, developers also started focusing on the future version of Android.

Google’s Android Open Source Project has mentioned some new subjects related to that shows connections with Android 14 and where Android 14 is codenamed “Upside Down Cake”.

Android 14 Get a Dessert Theme Codename “Upside Down Cake”

Android 14 Get a Dessert Theme Codename Upside Down Cake
source: Android Open Source Project

Google’s foremost segment of its Android 14 is its codename, the “Upside Down Cake” which follows the tradition of a dessert names Android version. Still, the company only use these codenames for development purpose. However, the Android version name is released by its serial numbers.

In addition, By giving codenames on cakes and sweets, Google also raises the front letter of the dessert name with the launch of each version. For example, the Android 1.5 was named Cupcake, Android 1.6 as Donut, and so on.

Currently, under development, Android version 13 is codenamed Tiramisu, which is also directed to the kind of cake, but importantly its first letter is ‘T’ which the following will ‘U’ exact for Upside Down Cake.

Besides, there is no confirmation that the next android version will be Android 14, but as in the past chart shown, the company might follow the 14 after Android 13; it will be interesting if the company takes different steps.

If you are wondering what Upside Down Cake is, so it is not related to any technical language, this is just a cake name that is baked on both sides, and its toping features Pineapple slices.

While on the other side, the Android 13 launch is now only some months away, but its second beta preview unveils new features like reduced game loading time and support for HDR videos.


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