The tech giant Google launched Allo, a messaging application created to be the rival of the widely used instant messaging app WhatsApp. Now, the tech giant Google will soon launch a desktop version of its chat app Allo.

Google’s Allo Chat App And Virtual Assistant Coming To Desktop

We all know that the tech giant Google launched Allo, the messaging application created to be the rival of the widely used instant messaging app WhatsApp. The app presented in the framework of the Google I/O event which does not seem to have reached the popularity ratings it has seen, although this does not mean that the Mountain View company will lose its ambitions in the project.

As the vice president in charge of communication of Google, products has announced that soon we will see a version for the desktop of Google Allo, as they are currently working on it.

Desktop version for Google Allo

The person we have referred to is nicknamed Nick Fox, and he has been responsible for putting on Twitter a photo of how Google Allo looks in his desktop version. The picture does not depict any great modifications with respect to the existing versions, for iOS and Android systems.

Google Allo
Google Allo

At the moment no reference has been made to the big negative point that persecutes the Google messaging system, the lack of privacy and security. Not a few have complained that a system as open as that proposed by Google can be an easy target for those who have malicious intentions and want to obtain data from others.

The Mountain View company has never denied this and has taken advantage of it to indicate that having an open system that gives users wide possibilities is the best way to have a strong and satisfied software community. However, there are also those who have accused that opening of the desperate search for new options and utilities.

Google Messaging

In any case, it seems that Google messaging will continue to offer various functionalities with the intention of continuing to seek a position in one of the most saturated markets that exist. Perhaps the advantage that could make a difference is its intelligent automatic responses managed by AI, a quality that for now does not seem to have reported a significant number of new followers.


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