Hackers have leaked the unreleased episodes of a well-known TV series. As we already saw that how the fourth episode of Game of Thrones’ ( GOT ) on-going seventh season has been leaked online. Now HBO hackers are demanding millions as ransom, or else they will leak everything they have.

GOT Season 7 Summary, Episode 5 Script & HBO Emails Leaked; Hackers Demanding Millions

The HBO hackers have already been allowed to see – and on several occasions that it is not a bluff. They were able to enter unauthorisedly on company servers, and from there they managed to extract confidential information as chapters of several series – still to be released – internal documentation such as scripts, emails from some of their managers etc. They have leaked information, but there is still much more to be released, and now they have called for an economic bailout for HBO.

They have already attacked HBO where more damage could be done to the company: with Game of Thrones. But not only they have unfinished chapters of this internationally successful series, they also have scripts for this and other feature films, and they have also compiled emails from their managers with confidential information.

They have not advanced on what is spoken in this type of writings, but they have used this to pressure HBO. Because now, after several weeks since the attack, they have finally asked for an economic ransom as compensation to prevent further internal company data from leaking.

HBO hackers demand economic bailout or ransom to stop leaks

Now the hackers have started the extortion against HBO. The usual thing in these cases, when stealing information sensitive to a company of this caliber, is that an economic rescue to be proposed from the beginning.

HBO hackers, however, have waited several weeks and, in the meantime, have been leaking information. The issue is that there is still a lot left, they say, and the damage they have already done to HBO filtering untitled chapters of several series is only a small step for what awaits them if they do not accede to the economic rescue that has been proposed, and Which has not exceeded the required figure.

HBO is just one of its victims. There are several companies that have been attacked in this way and by the same group of hackers. According to the details that they have offered, they were six months of work in search of vulnerabilities by their servers. Not only it is unknown what economic sum they have asked for, but also what hackers have and have not yet made public.

So, what do you think about this dramatic hacks and leaks of HBO? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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