YouTuber TechRax is back again. This time, TechRax shows us whether the new iPhone 7 survive in the Liquid Nitrogen for 5 minutes?

Here’s What Happens When You Put iPhone 7 in Liquid Nitrogen

Do you remember YouTube user TechRax, who recently posted a tutorial on how to drill a headphone jack into the iPhone 7? The video went viral and some of dumb iPhone 7 users also drilled their new iPhone 7 in order to get the headphone jack.

We have also seen Youtuber TechRax threw his iPhone 7 Plus Off the World’s Tallest Building which is Burj Khalifa in Dubai, which is tallest in the world at 2,722 feet. And we are going to share another stunt from TechRax.

The stunt from TechRax shows whether the iPhone 7 survives in Liquid Nitrogen for 5 Minutes? In the video, TechRax shows up another iPhone 7 which is jet black in color and he mentioned that he wanted to see how this iPhone 7 can survive against Liquid Nitrogen.

TechRax played the Music in full sound on a brand new iPhone 7 and placed the phone in the bucket and started slipping Liquid Nitrogen onto the phone. After few seconds the music goes off, TechRax immediately pulled out the iPhone 7 from bucket to see if the phone can be recovered

He found out that the dipped iPhone 7 was switched off automatically he turned on the phone and found that iPhone 7 is fully working. He again dipped the iPhone 7 under Liquid Nitrogen and found out that the display is still working.

TechRax dipped the phone again and left it for 5 minutes and noticed that the screen turned off after few minutes. TechRax ended the video by damaging the brand new iPhone 7 and they called it the new iPhone 7 is incredible!

You can watch the full video here: