Host wordpress on android
Host wordpress on android

Today we are here with How To Host WordPress On Local Web Server Of Android.

Android is a very smart device that allow users to use lots of thongs on iy. As till now we have discussed lots of hacks and tricks for android. Similarly we are here talking about how to install wordpress offline on your android device. Many of you want to create your own blog pages or want to write its personal diary in the way of blogging or want to share your knowledge then this post will very much helpful to you. As in this we will be discussing a way by which you can install wordpress on any of your android and write your personal articles without any need of hosting. So have a look on complete guide discussed below to proceed.

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How To Host WordPress On Local Web Server Of Android

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The method is very simple and easy but little bit time consuming as you will be firstly creating a local web server on your android then only you can install wordpress on your android and use it to write blog posts in your android device. So have a look on complete step by step guide for wordpress installation on your android device.

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Steps To Setup WordPress on Your Android Without Online Hosting:

  1. First of all you need to create a local web server on your android device that will allow you to run any of your files on your local server of your android.
  2. For creating local web server on Android visit here.
  3. Now following the complete guide linked above open the KSWEB app and the server will get started.
  4. Now download the zip file of wordpress from official website
  5. Now copy the zip file and head towards the server root path which you have set and there extract the zip file of wordpress with the help of Solid Explorer etc.local webserver on android4
  6. Now move back to phpMyAdmin and there create a new database for your wordpress to access it.Wordpress On Android
  7. Now in your android browser visit the page http://localhost:8080/wordpress.
  8. And there you will see wordpress installation guide, simple click on install button and proceed with few steps as guided.File Transfer 4
  9. Thats it you are done, now wordpress will get installed on your local web server of your android and now you can do blogging offline with your android device easily.

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So above is all about How To Host WordPress On Local Web Server Of Android. With the above step by step guide you can easily install wordpress offline on your android device and do blogging offline in your android device very easily. So make your free time effective one by writing cool blogs that you can share with others if you want to do so. Hope you like our work, do share this article with others too. Leave a comment if you have any related queries with this.


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