Online shopping sites are gaining popularity daily, and almost everything is being sold through online mediums. Of all the available online e-commerce portals, Amazon is the biggest and most popular.

This is the most popular online shopping portal available, and anyone can find anything to buy on this site. People buy the things and then post reviews for the products. Based on these reviews, other new buyers can identify the quality of the product.

The Review section of a product on Amazon hints at what to expect and what not to. However, the problem is that sellers on Amazon often purchase fake reviews to deceive users. Hence, it becomes important to identify fake reviews on Amazon before purchasing a product.

Steps to Identify Fake Reviews on Amazon

Hence, in this guide, we will share a few best and simple tips that would help you identify fake reviews on Amazon. Let’s get started.

1. First, go to the reviews for the product you wish to check. On the reviews, there are ratings and the number of reviews. You have to check for the ratings whether only a few people have put the ratings as well as the reviews for a particular star.

2. If there are only a few reviews for the product and you see high ratings, the reviews might be fake.

Identify Fake Reviews on Amazon

3. Another way to check for Fake Reviews is to open and read some of the reviews from the product and look for the size and flow of the review content.

If it is large and describes only the product’s best qualities, this could be a fake review. No person would take so much time to give a large explanation of the products for the reviewing purpose only.

fake reviews

4. The person’s name or the identity of the person putting reviews on the website could be easily detected. Check if the person is doing many reviews in a short period.

This is the easiest way to judge whether the person is writing genuine reviews or not. Also, look if the person has written only a few reviews; this could be a sign that the person is not putting the real review.

5. Check if the review shows the Verified Purchase stamp on it. If this is there, then it is easy to get that the review is genuine and the reviewing person has bought the product through amazon.Verified Purchase

6. Look for feedback for the reviews given by the other readers. This feedback is an important way of describing the others whether the things described in the review are helpful or not.

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Use the above steps carefully, as this could be time-consuming, and you might not try so hard to identify fake reviews. Further, it will benefit you only if you buy any product! If you need more help identifying fake reviews on Amazon, let us know in the comments below.


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