Let’s have a look at the method to Identify Fake Reviews on Amazon with simple tactics that will allow you to know how actually the product is. So have a look at complete guide discussed below to proceed.

[dropcap]O[/dropcap]nline shopping sites are gaining popularity day by day and almost everything is being sold through the online medium. Out of all the online e-commerce portals that are available Amazon is the largest one. This is the most popular online shopping portal available and anyone can find anything to buy on this site. People buy the things and then after that post the reviews for the product that is bought up. Based on these reviews the other new buyers are able to identify the quality of the particular product. Although there is no way out for anyone to post the fake reviews on the Amazon through some of the ways or the hacking tricks many guys post the fake reviews. The normal people could not be able to detect those fake reviews directly. Fortunately, there is a method available through which the amazon fake reviews for the products could be identified and thereafter anyone could be saved from buying non-worthy products this way. We have written about this method in this post, please make sure that you read this post till the end so as to get the full information. So those who are interested to know about the method, please start with the main section of the post below!

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How to Identify Fake Reviews on Amazon

The method is quite simple and easy and you just need to follow a simple step by step guide discussed below to proceed.

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Steps to Identify Fake Reviews on Amazon:

#1 First of all go to the reviews for the product you wish to check for the fake reviews. On the reviews there are ratings and the number of reviews per start, that is for 5 stars, 4 stars and so on. You have to check for the ratings whether if only a few people have put the ratings as well as the reviews for a particular star. If there are only a few reviews for the product and you see the high ratings for the product based on the very few customer ratings, then spot it this might be fake.

Identify Fake Reviews on Amazon
Identify Fake Reviews on Amazon

#2 Another way to check for the fake reviews is to open and read some of the reviews from the product, look for the size and the flow of the review content. If it is large describing the best qualities of the product then this could be a fake review. No person would take so much of time to give a large explanation of the products for the reviewing purpose only.

Identify Fake Reviews on Amazon
Identify Fake Reviews on Amazon

#3 The name of the person or the identity of the person putting reviews on the website could be easily detected. Check if the person is putting a lot of reviews in short time period. This is the easiest way to judge whether if the person is writing genuine reviews or not. Also look if the person has written only a few reviews this could be a sign that person is not putting the real review.

#4 Check if the review is showing the verified purchase stamp on it. If this is there then it is easy to get that the review is genuine and the product has been bought by the reviewing person through the amazon.No way out there to attain that verified stamp on the reviews so those reviews are genuine.

Identify Fake Reviews on Amazon
Identify Fake Reviews on Amazon

#5 Look for the feedback for the reviews given by the other readers. This feedback is an important way of describing the others whether if the things described in the review is helpful or not.

Make use of the above steps really carefully as this could be time-consuming and you might not try so hard to identify the fake reviews. Further, it will be beneficial to you only if you will buy any product!

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Finally, here in this article, you have got to know about the method through which anyone could easily detect the fake reviews on Amazon. We have presented the whole information in the easy to grab manner and we believe you might be able to get about the whole concepts of the method from it. Hopefully, you would have liked the information of this post, if it is so then please share this post with others too. Do not forget to share the comments with us through the comments section given below. At last nevertheless thanks for reading this post!


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