Sometime there is a situation that we forget our user account password. And at that time Mac user are unable to access anything of laptop.But at that condition you can reset your Mac User Password.Yess!! it is possible by following some simple steps. In this post i will tell you the method to reset forgotten Mac User Password Without any boot drive or cd in recovery mode.The best thing of this trick is that it works on all the versions and it is 100% working method to reset the password. Just follow the below discussed method to Reset Forgetten Mac User Password.

How To Reset Forgotten Mac User Password

#1 Boot into single user mode and remove setup file:

First of all restart your Mac device while holding Command+S Keys. It will lead you to the single user mode and its terminal edge.Then you need to check file system :fsck –fy

Afterward you need mount the source drive for saving the changes.

mount -uw /

Now type the commands exactly shown below go after by the enter key.

rm /var/db/.applesetupdone

If you correctly done the above step then you successfully remove the applesetupdone file. Now you need to reboot so just type “reboot” and press enter key.

#2 Create a New User Account on System Boot:

Now there will be no commands to be executed.Just a few simple steps. Now your computer starts with its intial state and there will be no user in as there in a new Mac laptop.So you just have to create a new user in it.

Now follow the steps and create a new user and the name of the user must be different from the old account.Now boot up with your new user account tht have all the admin access.

#3 Reset the Forget Password By system Prefrences:

Now after booting your Mac OS X, click on the apple logo of your MAC and then navigate to system preferences.There hit the “Account” option in system preferences.

Now click on the lock sign in the lower left corner of accounts preference windowpane and give the newly created user information there.Now it permits to you change other account and rearrange other accounts passwords.And on the left side user panel select the account that clutch forgotten password.After selecting the user account click on the “Reset Password” option.Now give a strong password and a meaningful hint. So you don’t ever forget the password!Then close all tasks and reboot your device.Now the account will have a new password that you have set to it.And all yoour data will be there in your account.

How To Reset Forgotten Mac User Password-Thatsit you are done .You have successfully change the user account password. By this method you can easily recover the forget password of any MAac OS. Don’t forget to share this cool post.Leave a comment below if you face any problem at any step  of the method discussed above.


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