Spy On Text Messages
Spy On Text Messages

Today we are here with cool hacking trick that is Spy On Text Messages. Text messages are the old and best way to communicate with any persons using your mobile number. Talking about spying which is a process of keeping track on some activities and spying text messages means keeping tracks on every text messages that received or sent from a device. And in your android device you can actually spoof text messages. And for this you just have to follow our complete guide that we have discussed in this post below.

How To Spy Text Messages

The method is really cool one and require a cool app for your android device that will spoof text messages arriving on android device and send the complete logs to the another device. You just have to follow some simple steps below to proceed.

Steps To Spoof Text Messages On Android Device :-

  1. First of all you need to download a cool app SecretSMSReplicator a app that allow you to spy on messages arriving on your android.
  2. Launch the app after installing the app in the android device whose messages you want to spy.
  3. Now after this you need to enter the phone number to which all the arriving messages will get forwarded, You will enter your number.2
  4. Now set any password to secure your app.1
  5. Now this app will get hidden in android device and no one can even uninstall it as it will require password that you have set.
  6. Thats is you will be getting all the logs of messages that arriving on device or sent from that device.

So above is all about How To Spy Text Messages. With the method discussed above you can easily trance out anyone messages that is incoming or outgoing from that device and there will be not any notification on suspect regarding this spy and you can easily do your work. So have fun with this and do share this with others too. Leave a comment below if you face any problem at any step.


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