Soon the Cupertino company Apple will open an assembly plant in the city of Bangalore which is well known as the Silicon Valley of Indian country and it is located in the south.

India To Be World’s Third Assembler Of Apple iPhones

The Cupertino giant Apple would have among its immediate plans to start manufacturing phones (iPhone) in India from April 2017, according to sources citing a report by the Times of India.

The Cupertino company would have associated with Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer Wistron, who plans to open an assembly plant in the city of Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of Indian country which is located in the south.

Although it was expected that the company will manufacture the iPhone via Foxconn, its producer in China, such agreements with other brands of smartphones like Xiaomi, have changed its mind to Apple executives.

The report states that Apple has very serious plans to build iPhones in the country, especially considering that this will help the company to sell its products in the local market at a more competitive rate.

India is the third market in the world’s largest mobile phone and is continuously growing. In fact, it is expected to travel to the United States during 2017.

However, local authorities need to promote and encourage production in the country to give impetus to entrepreneurship in this area, because currently, it imposes heavy taxes on electronic products like smartphones which were imported.

The report also notes that the Taiwanese multinational company Foxconn, the largest supplier and manufacturer of electronic components for Apple, promised to establish a manufacturing plant in Maharashtra.

The assumption was that the plant would only make Apple products. However, sources say that Foxconn has been linked with other players like Xiaomi and OnePlus for local production and not necessarily to make only Apple products there.

This step Apple established in India would be critical because in this way would present an untapped market for the company and that it would avoid import tariffs, reducing the prices of their products.

Last month, Apple sent a letter to the Indian government, expressing their strong desire to make smartphones and other products in the country, but hoping to see some tax incentives from the government.

In May, the company announced the installation of an accelerator design and development in the city to encourage the developer community iOS and also to guide Indian developers to take advantage of the programming language Apple Swift and create applications for Apple TV and Apple Watch.

The facility will open earlier this year with prospects that the manufacturing plant in Bangalore to highlight the importance of India for the company based in Cupertino.

Early last year, Apple CEO Tim Cook highlighted the deep and growing interest in the country for the company due to increasing demand for Apple products in counterpoint to the decline in sales of the same in China.


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