Instagram is rolling out its chronological feed where you will get two new options following and favorites. This new feature will allow users to control more of what they want to see in their feed.

In December last year, Instagram confirmed that it would bring back the chronological feed in 2022. Six years before, Instagram removed this feature, but Now Instagram has enhanced this chronological feature and made it more useful for consumers.

It will be there if you are thinking about the algorithm-based feed. Instagram’s chronological feed options have arrived for iOS users. There’s no word on its availability on Android, but that should happen soon.

Instagram Now Allows You To Own Feed of Favorites

Instagram Now Allows You To Own Feed of Favorites

Instagram’s explanation for the “Following” feed is genuinely something to behold: “See the latest posts from accounts you follow, in the order they were posted.”

Instagram also gives details about Favorites mode and says there will be a separate feed for your favorite account’s posts, and it will show up higher in your main feed. Also, You’ll’ be able to add up to 50 accounts to your Favorites list, and this feed starts with the most recent posts of your favorite accounts.

These two new options will work side-by-side with the Home feed, which will be a default. Whatever feed option you choose, you will have to switch over to it each time you open the Instagram app. The app will be set back to the personalized feed option whenever you get out of it.

In addition, Instagram has also confirmed that “your Favorites list is private to you and will not be visible to anyone else,” to The Verge.

Instagram’s Adam Mosseri posted on Twitter to announce the “Chrono update” and said there will now be two more chronological feed options: Favorites and Following and the algorithmic Home feed.

Mosseri also explains after this feature, you’ll be able to shape your experience as you want, and Instagram will try to connect people with content that they are interested in with our old feed.


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