Meta-owned Instagram is pushing to make it the best photo-sharing platform. According to the information, Instagram is working on executing two new features on the platform. The QR codes scanner feature and a new tab for exclusive content.

Instagram recently added a chronological feed feature, but leaks for this feature are getting from the last year. Same for the upcoming QR code feature; we got the first rumor about it this January, but today, a well-known tipster noticed and shared a screenshot of this feature.

And the other feature will introduce a new tab on the profile section, which will allow creators to make content for subscribers only, and creators may earn too via premium subscribers.

Instagram Working on New Premium Tab on Profile

Instagram Working on New Premium Tab on Profiles
credits: Alessandro Paluzzi

Alessandro Paluzzi is a well-known tipster, and lately, all the leaked features by Paluzzi have come true.

QR Codes have been around for many years, but nowadays, they got pretty popular because the easy way to share public posts is by scanning the code using the phone’s camera or a QR Code reader.

According to Paluzzi’s Twitter post, the upcoming QR code feature will make it easier to share pictures with just one scan, and sometimes we cannot share links on other platforms, making it more manageable.

And another feature is an extra tab on the profile grid for only subscribers, which will assemble all exclusive content. Currently, we are not sure which type of content will be loaded in this tab and who can see it, followers or only Paid subscription holders.

It might be that Instagram also allows creators to earn money with the Paid Subscriptions model, which will also help users interact more with their favorite creators. If this feature comes out in the future, Instagram will also have to add badges options for members, Like YouTube Memberships.

There are no updates about when these features will be introduced to the main app. Recently, Instagram also caught working on replies to Stories with Voice Messages.


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