Soon, the chip maker Intel will release its 8th Generation Coffee Lake CPUs later this year. However, the chip maker Intel will still stick to the 14-nanometer process for the fourth time in a row. So, to know more about this simply explore this post.

Soon Intel Will Release 8th Generation Coffee Lake CPUs

The eighth generation of Intel Core processors will arrive earlier than expected: at an investor conference, the manufacturer announced that Coffee Lake chips will be launched in 2017. But do not expect any major changes: they will continue to be manufactured at 14 nanometers and should have been won Modest performance compared to the current generation.

Intel’s launches are not as predictable as before because the company abandoned the famous tick-tock strategy: within a generation, the manufacturer deployed a new miniaturization (tick) technology; In the next generation, the same manufacturing process was used in a new architecture (tock). But Broadwell (5th generation), Skylake (6th generation ), Kaby Lake (7th generation ) and Coffee Lake (8th generation) are all manufactured at 14 nanometers. It’s a tick-tock-tock-tock.

There are not many details about Coffee Lake chips. For now, Intel simply says that the new processors will have more than 15% performance increase over the current Kaby Lake (which, in turn, had a 15% gain over Skylake). But as Ars Technica notes, Kaby Lake’s “gain” was actually just a clock-up on desktop processors.

The 8th generation Core processor lineup is expected to include a six-core Core i7 for less-fortunate people; Currently, the company only puts more than four CPU cores into the very expensive Core i7 Extreme Edition or Xeon chips. The first machines with Intel’s next lake will be launched in the second half of 2017.

While Intel is slow to showcase its 10-nanometer architecture (the 9th-generation Cannon Lake still has no launch forecast yet), the new manufacturing process is ready to hit smartphones – as the smartphone chip maker Qualcomm and Samsung have already started manufacturing Snapdragon 835, which will be released in the first half of the year.


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