Here we landed 2016 and suddenly we have all related stuffs from Apple Inc to launch in 2016, The Fifth Generation and more is still to overplay in this year only.

However 2016 Will also become the next part of Technology for Apple and basically iPhone lovers, Tim Cook have a huge plan to get more users to engage for its APPLE INC.

Blink of an eye and here we come in 2016, although there are rumors that this month iPhone6s series production will decline, but the world’s most valuable and most profitable companies in the last year, Apple has indeed surrendered unprecedented success, so whether this year brilliant writing? Here’s to predict what the hardware what the new 2016 Apple.

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Not Only will the iPhone 7 Will Appear, Much More To Come From Apple in 2016

iPhone7 / 7 Plus

iphone 7 in 2016 all thing need to know from TechViral

Undoubtedly, iPhone is still Apple’s most valuable product, aside rumors of early release, we have reason to believe that iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will be released in September this year as usual, as a new generation of the update, not only is the configuration stronger, the appearance will change.

At present, the news about iPhone 7 series including waterproof, cancels 3.5mm headphone jack Lightning uses a wireless headset or earphone, support for fast charging, the battery capacity upgrade, rear dual cameras, the new large-capacity 256GB version, canceled the back vaginal discharge, memory Upgrade to 3GB, and so on.

iPhone 6c

iPhone 6c in 2016 all thing need to know from TechViral

About the rumors of the new iPhone 4′ inches and the degree of concern as much as iPhone 7, from the iPhone 6 Series starting small screen iPhone has been absent so far, hoping to re-launch four inches Apple iPhone, that is, the rumors of iPhone 6c increasing demands, If the message before fly, we expected to see the fastest on the March conference.

Two years after the new iPhone 4′ inches may be equipped with the iPhone6s series with an A9 processor with 2GB RAM, metal body, the battery capacity is slightly larger than the iPhone 5s, no 3D Touch, Apple Pay mobile payment support Wait. As for appearance, it is similar to the iPhone 5s.

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Apple Watch 2

apple watch 2 in 2016 all thing need to know from TechViral

Apple last March officially released the first smart watch Apple Watch, launched earlier this year, the second generation of products naturally, will be the two main characters and iPhone 6c spring conference.

The current rumors concerning Apple Watch 2 much, but I believe the hearts of fruit powder and users have something to look forward, Apple’s second-generation smart meter is expected to be made thinner, equipped S2 processor, added GPS module, richer sensor, more strap style/Case material etc. Appearance estimated Apple would be so quick to give up a square design.

iPad Air 3

iPad Air 3 TechViral

It seems to be because last year with iPad Pro, Apple just launched the iPad Mini 4 and slightly over a new generation of iPad Air, to update this year is no longer justified.

Previously well-known analyst Robert James has revealed, iPad Air 3 will be released in the first half of 2016, it is expected to update the configuration on the little, and look forward to joining 3D Touch functioning person to be disappointed, allegedly with Apple, it will indeed release a 3D Touch the iPad, but it will not be iPad Air 3.

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iPad Pro 2

iPad Pro 2 Techviral

The above-mentioned features with 3D Touch, iPad, since it will not be the next-generation iPad Air, then the most powerful iOS device, the new iPad Pro on the very hope. But carrying A9X processor, 12.9 inches of iPad Pro itself is strong enough, even this year, Apple will update routine, do not expect too much to maintain.

Apple TV 5

Apple TV 5 Techviral 2016

Last year, Apple specifically for the development of fourth-generation Apple TV tvOS as an operating system, but also has its own App Store application store, also promoted to become the remote control that comes with the trackpad and direction of motion sensor game controller.

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Unfortunately, as a set-top box, Apple TV still does not support 4K (2160p) video decoding, but this feature is expected to appear on the fifth-generation products in 2016, while not excluding bring aspects CPU, memory, storage space, etc. upgrade.

But most of us wanted to see Apple TV to enter the Indian market, the supply chain after outgoing message is displayed, the fifth generation of Apple TV has entered the trial production stage.

MacBook Air 2016

MacBook Air 2016 TechViral

2015 Macbook Air models, although the introduction of new Broadwell processor and Intel HD 6000 GPU, but the overall performance is not. In 2016 the new Macbook Air, we expected to see in addition to the rumored Retina Display retinal display, Apple may also cancel 11 inches version and an additional 15-inch version, the body is still slim.

Mac product line upgrade

In 2015 we were not able to do so to meet the new Mac mini and Mac Pro, Apple this year is the time to meet the needs of what fans, but at present very few related news.

Compared to the new Mac mini and Mac Pro, we should believe that Apple will this year other Mac products, including iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro, including bringing new upgrades, such as upgrading to next-generation Intel 14nm processor technology Skylake, instead Type -C USB interface.