Today we will show you the complete guide on posting live photos on Facebook through iPhone 6s.

In December, a limited number of users of Facebook for iOS gained access to the renewal application that allowed them to publish and view Live Photos. The technology will gradually become available to Facebook users worldwide, but the social network’s exact timing is not mentioned.

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Because the live photo posting feature was only available on these two phones, if you are one of those who want to broadcast live images on your Facebook wall, you need to have an iPhone 6s or 6s Plus first. If you have an iPhone 6s or 6s plus, you need Facebook now to post live photos directly on your wall.

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iPhone 6s users love this excellent feature of Facebook. But the sad news was you can only see live photos’ still images until you run Facebook on iOS 9 devices.

How To Post Your Live Photos on Facebook

Today I will show you the complete guide on posting live photos on Facebook through iPhone 6s. These will be short steps you must follow to get the full benefit of the feature.

Follow these steps to successfully post live photos on your Facebook wall using iPhone 6S. For brief details, I am adding some screenshots that will make every step clear.

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1. Launch Facebook on your iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus, log in with your account.

2. Now tap on Photos.

3. Now browse the live photo from your phone that you want to upload to your Facebook account.

4. After that, hit the Done button.

5. After that, you will be asked to say something about this photo; now, you will see the live box emerging at the bottom right of the photo.

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6. You need to tap on a Live box if you want to view a live photo, or else only still images will be displayed.

7. Now, you can give it a message or description, and, at last, press the Post button to upload your live photo. That’s it!

With this new feature, you can easily upload short live photos of 2-3 seconds; you need to give a live photo option for each image manually. This is because Facebook doesn’t want to reveal live photos in public. After all, they might contain something you don’t want to make public. With these easy steps, you can quickly post live pictures to Facebook.