There’s always a rivalry between Android & iOS that doesn’t seem to end. You will find Android users are trying hard to get hands-on iOS features. Similarly, iOS users are trying their best to get any Android-exclusive part on their iPhones. So, if you are an Android user looking for ways to enjoy exclusive iOS features on your phone, then read the article below.

Well, when it comes to buying the best smartphone, the first choice can be challenging – Android or iPhone. Android is powering most smartphones, but iOS is equally popular. Both of the operating systems provide users with great features.

There’s always a rivalry between Android & iOS that doesn’t seem to end. If we look around, we will find that Android users are trying hard to get hands-on iOS features. Similarly, iOS users are trying their best to get any Android-exclusive part on their iPhones.

However, one of Android’s most significant plus points is its open-source nature. Since the operating system is based on Linux, users can expand the operating system’s features, which is why the app availability is high on Android compared to any other mobile operating system.

5 iPhone-Only Features You Can Get On Android Right Now!

So, in this article, we will share a list of iOS features you can get on Android right now. It’s worth noting that Android users can enjoy these iPhone-exclusive features on their smartphones without root access. So, let’s explore the list of iPhone-Only features that you can get on Android right now.

1) Assistive Touch

Well, Assistive Touch is another best feature that is only seen on iOS. The feature adds a floating menu of quick actions on the home screen. It allows users to quickly access options like opening Instagram, Snapchat, searching Google, etc. Users must use the Assistive Easy Touch app to replicate the same on Android.

Assistive Easy Touch Android App

The Android app is heavily popular on the Google Play Store, bringing in some new advanced features like capturing screenshots, power pop-ups, boosting speed, etc., on a floating panel. So, Assistive Easy Touch for Android is a convenient way to quickly and easily access all your favorite apps, settings, games, etc..

2) Universal Search

Well, the older version of Android operating misses the Universal search option. The universal search feature of iOS scans everything to locate any particular app, game, or settings. Users can use a launcher app or a standalone app for Universal search. There are multiple methods to replicate iOS’s Spotlight search on Android.

Evie Launcher App

Android launcher apps like Nova Launcher, Evie Launcher, etc., allow users to search their phone’s data and the web by swiping down on the home screen, much like iOS Spotlight. Users must swipe down on the Nova Launcher to have an iOS Spotlight-type feature on the home screen.

3) Notifications on Computer

Well, Apple’s ecosystem to read and interact with iOS notifications on macOS is one of the plus points for its product. To replicate the same thing on Android, users need to use the Pushbullet app. For those who don’t know, Pushbullet is an Android app that can mirror your phone’s alerts to the Windows PC or Mac.

Pushbullet App For Android

Pushbullet can also be used to share files, browse the phone’s internal and external storage, reply to SMS, attend calls, etc. Pushbullet is a free app, and users need to sign up on the Pushbullet website to use the app.

4) Screenshot Markup

The screenshot markup feature is available on an iOS device but not on every Android smartphone. With the screenshot markup tool, you can edit the screenshot as soon as you take one. For instance, you can annotate, crop, or delete the file with the Screenshot markup feature.

Screenshot Crop and Share

To replicate the Screenshot markup feature of iOS on Android, users need to install the Screenshot Crop and Share app. The app allows users to edit the screenshot immediately after capturing it.

5) Clipboard

Well, another prominent feature of the iOS device is its universal clipboard. The feature allows Mac and iPhone users to share a standard clipboard. That means the text you copy from iPhone can be accessed on a Mac computer. To have the same feature on Android, users need to use the Clipboard app on Android and Clipbrd extension on Chrome browser.

Clipbrd Android App

Once installed on Android, Clipbrd automatically syncs the copied text on the web browser. So, install the app and extension on both devices and create a new account. Once done, you can share clips between devices.

So, these are the five best iPhone-exclusive features you can get on your Android right now. If you know any other apps to replicate iPhone features on Android, let us know in the comment box below.


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