As we all know very well that a few weeks ago tech giant Apple had officially unveiled its key player of this season, of course, the iPhone X. Now, according to the current reports, the tech giant Appleā€™s iPhone X pre-orders sell out in just a few minutes.

OMG! Apple iPhone X Pre-Orders Sell Out In Minutes

As we all know a few weeks ago tech giant Apple had officially unveiled the iPhone X. Well, the all-new iPhone X will launch officially on November 3 and the price starts from $999 for the base model. However, due to huge demands, iPhone x will be given the limited supply.

It is assumed that only a few buyers will actually be able to get their hands on the all-new iPhone X on its launch day. Let me tell you, the first batches of all new iPhone X is restricted to only a few markets. So, worldwide buyers have almost zero chances to get their hands on the new device unless they spend a ton of money.

Still, without an official date to reach other markets, the iPhone X went into pre-sale on Friday (27) in 55 countries and territories worldwide. But if you want to buy the biggest iPhone update in years, you have to be patient: the stock has evaporated in a matter of minutes.

The first to buy an iPhone X at dawn tonight will receive the product on November 3rd. Who took more than ten minutes to finalize the purchase saw the delivery deadline rise for 4-5 weeks. And just two hours after the pre-sale began, the tech giant Apple had already estimated deliveries in 5-6 weeks in the US market, as the BGR reports.

The tech giant Apple does not disclose how many iPhones X were available in the pre-sale, but analysts estimate numbers between 2 and 3 million units, which is little for a company that sells 78 million iPhones in three months. It is speculated that the device is experiencing delays in production due to the difficulty of manufacturing Face ID, the face recognition sensor.

However, now if we talk about the prices then let me tell that in the United States, 64 and 256 GB iPhones X were available for $999 and $1,199, respectively.

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