As we all know very well that Android OS is known for openness and freedom while iOS is known for its stability and usability.

Research shows that iPhones for the first time often faced with problems than Android smartphones. But, iOS apps crash more than Android apps.

iPhones Have More Problems Than Android Devices, Study Says

Where Android is known for openness and freedom iOS is known for stability and usability. A Technology Group Blancco performed a brief analysis and after analyzing the performance of millions of smartphones in the second quarter of this year, namely, the research concluded that iOS is much more stable than the popular Android.

There were specifically software problems were spotted on a significant amount, where 58% of all iOS smartphones are found facing software issues. That is twice as much as in the first quarter of this year. In the same period were 35% of the measured Android smartphones suffer from the same problems. That means that for the first time in the history of this research iOS smartphones are less stable than Android smartphones.

The tech giant Apple’s iPhone 6 was the most sensitive issue of all measured iPhones, where 26% of all the measured models had a problem. In second place is the iPhone 6s with 23%, followed by the iPhone 6s Plus 14%. On the side of Android Samsung topped with the most problems, where 26% of all Android errors occurred on a smartphone from the Korean manufacturer.

In the second place, there are two Chinese smartphone manufacturers, Lenovo and LeTV. In third place, it is Motorola with 11%. If you look at individual Android smartphones, then it is Leeco Le 1S which had the most sensitive issue by 10%. Its big brother, the Le 1S Eco, is in the second place with 7%. Then take three sets of Lenovo the remaining three spots in the top five. Lastly, the most sensitive issues were found on the low-end Android smartphones models.

So, it is clear that iPhone more often encounters problems than the Android smartphones did, but what did those problems then mean? 65% of all iPhone’s problems were plagued by frequent crashing apps. Then wifi was the biggest cause of problems by 11%. Android’s biggest problems were charging the battery and the performance of the camera, each responsible for 10% of all reported problems.

According to the study crashed apps on 50% of all measured iPhones. That’s more than double the percentage of Android smartphones had with crashing apps camps: 23%. The Snapchat app was the most crashed app on iPhone, followed by Instagram. Most crashes on Android smartphones were related to Google Play Services. However, the Apps from the social networks were surprisingly stable on Android devices.


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