Limit Windows 10's Data Usage While Tethering
Limit Windows 10's Data Usage While Tethering

Now you can Limit Windows 10’s Data Usage While Tethering that will help you to save your internet data by allowing the selected users to get connected on your network. So have a look at complete guide discussed below to proceed.

You might sometimes need to share your internet connection with your friends while you are working on your Windows 10, and this can be one of your worst decisions ever as you know that your friends can easily exhaust your data pack. You can limit the data usage on the Windows itself but while using of the tethering you need to set the limits before your friends could know about it. One limit for your usage is on the device itself while the other one set for the tethering. This sounds too simple to implement the options and hence get the data limit set for the Tethering, but in the true sense, it is not at all simple and you would require going through some of the procedures which are not available by default in the Windows 10. Fortunately, the users can grasp the feature in the Windows 10 so as to make it true to apply firewall to the data flow till some limits. Here in this article, we have written about the method by which you can be able to grow the limits to your data on the Windows 10 as it is being flowed through the tethering. If you are interested to know about the method then read up the whole information provided below in this post until the end!

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How to Limit Windows 10’s Data Usage While Tethering

The method is quite simple and easy and you just need to follow the simple step by step guide that will help you to implement this.

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Steps to Limit Windows 10’s Data Usage While Tethering:

#1 The very simplest and the quickest method to keep the check on your device internet data usage while on tethering is to enable the Metered connection on. This can be done by going to the Settings > Network & Internet > Wi-Fi option through the Windows system settings. Now explaining about the Metered connection it is the only way through which you can keep the check on the internet data that have been transferred and how much amount of the data is yet available. This live check always makes you aware of the data usage and you won’t exhaust it.

Limit Windows 10's Data Usage While Tethering
Limit Windows 10’s Data Usage While Tethering

#2 You need to block all the Windows cloud backups that might be running alive in the background, while you would also have forgotten about the data sync on the cloud storage and therefore this can be causing the high extensive usage of the data. Just be sure that all those data intrusive tasks are stopped and blocked till you need your data.

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Limit Windows 10’s Data Usage While Tethering

#3 Use the task manager to identify the whole number of the tasks or apps that are running in the background and check whether if any of the apps or services are pushing the data usage levels. Most possibly all of these things happen with the users and they tend to lose half of their data in the apps updates or the background tasks.

Turn iMessage Read Receipts On-Off Per Person
Limit Windows 10’s Data Usage While Tethering

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Finally, you have now got about the method through which you can limit the Windows 10 data usage while the internet is being shared over the tethering hotspot. We have tried to write about the method in the simplest way so that you people can utilize it easily without any issues. Possibly every user can be able to implement this procedure, but yet if some of you have any issues or problems related to the application of the method then they can grab our help and support. For availing our support you must paste your issues inside the comments section and we will try our best to respond you fast. Further, we would say please share this article with more and more people, and do share your opinions regarding the information in this article through the comments box!


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