Make Chrome More Touch-Friendly on the Microsoft Surface

Learn how to Make Chrome More Touch-Friendly on the Microsoft Surface with the help of some simple tips that you need to implement to get a better response. So have a look at the complete guide discussed below to proceed.

Windows OS is the operating system that runs on the greatest laptop by Microsoft, named the Surface. This laptop is an immensely great device that is leading the competition now. Talking about most of the major apps inside this operating system, users know that system apps are preinstalled by Microsoft only. But as Windows can install these party apps, almost every user will be going for this option. Among the web browsers, Google’s Chrome is most probably the first choice of users. The Chrome browser works smoothly on the Microsoft Surface, and there shall be no issues regarding the performance.

In contrast, we also believe that the performance of the Google Chrome web browser is not touched friendly for the Microsoft Surface compared to the other high-end devices. Something needs to be altered so that the actual peak performance of the browser can be obtained on the Surface.

This article has written about how the Chrome browser would be made more touch-friendly on the Microsoft Surface. If you wish to know about those ways, please read the article below!

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Make Chrome More Touch-Friendly on the Microsoft Surface

The method is quite easy, and you need to follow simple tips to help you implement this on your device. So follow the below tips to proceed.

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1) Turn on Tablet Mode

Turn on Tablet Mode

The Surface tablet or The laptop is an incredible hybrid of burn tablets and laptops. This device could be used both as a tablet and as a laptop. In tablet mode, this device uses the touch screen, which tends not to support various feature sets made for the laptop style working.

This device was specifically designed with all these limitations, so the developers had put the Tablet Mode function inside the OS. This option enables the whole working of the system as a touchscreen tablet and bypasses any keyboard requirement. Make sure you switch the Tablet Mode through the Action Center!

2) Switch to the Virtual Keyboard

Switch to the Virtual Keyboard

Like the normal desktop systems or mobile devices, there’s a virtual keyboard available on the Surface too. The Pen style of the Surface laptop is not that consistent while typing, so to override its use, you should consider using the Virtual keyboard. On the touch screen mode, it is preferred to use the virtual keyboard as it will assist in all fields.

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3) Use Experimental Settings in the Google Chrome Browser

Use Experimental Settings in the Google Chrome Browser

Go to the “chrome://flags ” address inside the chrome browser, and it will take you to the experimental settings page. Through the various settings on that page, you can set the behaviors of the browser while in touch mode, which will help you lots. Scroll prediction, touch-initialized drag and drop, and scroll anchoring are some of the features that tend to replace the need for the mouse to touch for the various actions!

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The things won’t change devastated, but comparable changes will occur in the Touch performance of Google Chrome on the Microsoft Surface after applying the above ways. Still, it is better to enjoy a possible output than go for the lowest one. Preferably we assist you and tell you to use the ways and gain their benefits! And hope you like the guide, do share it with others too. Leave a comment below if you have any related queries about this. The techviral team will assist you with any of your technical issues.

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