A man hailing from Marysville was arrested for reportedly hopping a fence and smashing pieces off of an Airplane which he felt that it belonged to the Microsoft’s Co Founder, Paul Allen.

Man Arrested For Damage to Jet That he Thought Belonged to Microsoft’s Co-Founder

According to Police, the accused person aged 30 was put behind the bars after he was reportedly spotted behind fencing at the Arlington Municipal Airport during Midnight on February 2. The eyewitness stated he was seen damaging the Aircraft. The Police report also stated that the man looked “deranged and unpredictable.”

Police also observed him jam his left hand into a coat pocket. They recovered sharp pieces of broken plastic inside his coat pocket. In other pocket, they recovered a red protective cover for aircraft parts. They also recovered similar objects on the airfield where he was spotted doing damage to the aircraft.

This aircraft didn’t belonged to Paul Allen. The accused man reportedly told the police that he was at the airfield to spot the aircraft that belonged to Paul Allen and he maintained that “Allen was in violation of federal law by possessing a military aircraft.”

The Aircraft which suffered damage is Dornier Alpha Jet which is owned by an aviation training company. According to officials, the aircraft’s damage was estimated to be more than $30,000.

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