ZENTA a wearable that has the built-in biometrical sensor that benefits to keep track on your fitness, breathing, sleep and activity and encourages you to be more emotionally conscious to live a stress-free life.

Meet Zenta: The World’s First Tech Bracelet For Your Emotions

London-Based tech design studio VINAYA created awesome LED product ZENTA, which is a wearable technology that you will love to wear on your hands because it has some impressive features that will always demonstrate to be helpful in upcoming as well as present generation.

As in this busy world, we endure lots of stress which ultimately makes us less focused. We need to control our stress as well as happiness. That’s the reason ZENTA is designed, it is a wearable device which operates on biometric sensors.

ZENTA is specially designed to examine your body’s biometric data over time with the help of sensors that is entirely packed up in the form of a hand bracelet. It can track your Stress, Happiness, and mood. This wearable tech device makes you emotionally aware to live a stress-free happy life.

Zenta pairs with an app on your smartphone and is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. ZENTA uses the most advanced sensor technology that decodes indications from your body, Mind, and digital life. It also helps keep tracks on your fitness, sleep and breathing.

ZENTA gives its clients a noteworthy insight into what day to day activities causes adverse emotions, anxiety and sadness as well as positive emotions, calm and overall welfare.

For example: If the wearer is dealing with stress, then ZENTA will eventually vibrate to seek attention and will show some collective exercise to calm down the wearer.


  • Stress, Happiness & Mood Tracking- Contextually analyzes your body’s biometric data over time via sensors built into the wristband.
  • Activity & Fitness Tracking- Monitors how your steps & physical activity affect your overall emotional state.
  • Sleep Tracking- Correlates your sleep quality with your heart rate, movement & noise detection during the night
  • Notification & Distraction- Syncs with your smartphone to filter notifications & send customizable vibration alerts.
  • Mindfulness and Breathing- Synchronizes your breathing for relaxation & anxiety control in real time through interactive touch.
  • Visual Emotion Sharing- Express your emotional states with those you care about.
  • Everyday wellness Monitoring- Lets you check your heart rate, blood pressure & respiration patterns at the touch of a finger.

Release Date And Price

ZENTA is not going to hit the market until April 2017. You can go for the Sports band which will be retailed at $249, but if you have pre-ordered it through their official indiegogo page, then you can get that in just $119.


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