We all know very well that the tech giant Microsoft does not stop introducing improvements and new features in its latest version of the popular operating system, Windows 10. However, now according to the latest reports, the tech giant Microsoft has discovered a new way to force Edge browser on you.

Microsoft Found A New Way To Force Edge Browser On You

The firm based in Redmond does not stop introducing improvements and new features in its latest version of the popular operating system, Windows 10. In fact, we are at the gates of the official arrival of the Spring Creators Update.

Thus, while it is finalizing the details of the Redstone 4, at the same time the tech giant Microsoft is also working on the second big update that will be presented this year 2019, the Redstone 5, something that we know thanks to the information provided by the members of the Insider program of the firm.

Well, now it has just made known a change that in principle had gone unnoticed by many but at the same time demonstrates the trend towards which the firm wants to direct its millions of Windows users. As we have said on other occasions, this is a company that does not know what to do to enhance the use of its own web browser included in Windows 10, the Edge browser.

That is why, as we just knew, some users are realizing, and at the same time showing their disagreement, before the change that aims to force the many users of the Mail app that comes integrated into Windows 10, to use Edge to open the links received in the mails.

Although the firm is fully aware, at least we assume, that this is a measure that can create great controversy among its customers of the system, from Redmond consider that these types of movements help improve the security of the operating system.

A new movement of Microsoft to try to promote the use of Edge

At the same time, the tech giant Microsoft ensures that thanks to the integration of their platforms to be used together and synchronized, all of this helps their customers to be more productive, also gaining both the autonomy of the device used and security for your personal information.

Therefore, this change means that if we have Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox configured as the default browser in Windows 10, the tech giant Microsoft will continue to ignore this fact and force us to use Edge from the Mail application.

Specifically, they assure that “they are testing, together with the Insiders, the change by means of which the links of the Windows 10 Mail application will open in Edge. This allows to be more productive, organized and creative, all without sacrificing the duration of the battery or security devices.”

This is something that has been added to the “general changes” section of the latest Build belonging to the recently published Redstone 5 update.

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