Microsoft is planning to deliver its learning skills and techniques to IT professionals by using Linux integrated with the service suite Azure cloud.

Microsoft announced on Wednesday the creation of the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA), a program aimed at IT professionals whose goal is to generate certifications for using Linux integrated with the service suite Azure cloud.

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If before, the company founded by Bill Gates disputed at all costs the popularity of your system as the main user software, today, the focus seems to be on the integration of more and more platforms. Proof of this is the very genesis of the MCSA – The Linux Foundation and Microsoft also participated in the course development.

Microsoft Will Teach IT Professionals Linux Integrated With Azure

“Currently, the environments where IT professionals require more than ever, and those able to cope with this new situation stand out among the other technical,” said Jim Zemlin, executive director of the Linux Foundation. Roughly speaking, it means that Microsoft search also encourages the use of Azure-paired Linux to compete with the cloud services of Amazon and Google, for example.

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More and more enthusiasts have downloaded the Azure trial version. But according to Microsoft itself, few users have signed the premium edition package. The MCSA thus functions as training IT professionals in the use of the suite and wants also to train professionals to understand the two OSs.

“Professionals can run both systems, Linux and Windows, and understand the hybrid environments and development behind the software excel in their area of ​​expertise, receive better payments and rise professionally,” also said Zemlin.

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Leaders in these associations are searching for affirmed experts who are area specialists in Linux framework organization and familiar with a cloud-local world. In the meantime, today’s IT experts are avid to obtain and show the skills to succeed in a distributed computing environment. This affirmation expands the framework chairman’s abilities by giving a target estimation of the skills that make Linux arrangements flourish in cloud-fueled situations.