We all know very well that Windows Phones has always been in a difficult situation. The adoption by the users has never been very expressive, especially in the North American market, which is an essential market for the tech giant Microsoft. However, now according to the latest reports, there is now more Windows Phones left.

Microsoft: No More Windows Phones Left

The future of Windows Phones has been hunted by the tech giant Microsoft for some time. There will be no further developments and the system is finished. Even with this fate, the smartphones with this operating system continued to be sold.

This has now changed and even these smartphones have been removed from the Microsoft store. Neither its phones nor the partners’ phones are available for purchase.

The reason for the end of Windows Phones is not clearly understood. As the tech giant Microsoft has decided to finish its development and maintains only the minimum support, also this one with an announced end date.

Even with this lack of developments, smartphones with this operating system remained available for sale and not just by the tech giant Microsoft.

From what is known, this scenario has changed and now the tech giant Microsoft’s own store also no longer have Windows Phones available. Only the smartphones of the partners are present and even these have the message ‘the lack of stock’.

The offer has so far been limited to two models after the tech giant Microsoft reintroduced the sale of the Lumia 950 XL a few months ago. So we have the HP Elite x3 and the Alcatel Idol 4S. Both smartphones were priced much lower than the initial value.

This situation is evident in the online store of Microsoft in the USA, but a quick visit to the remaining stores in Europe shows an equal scenario, of lack of stocks. Some countries, few, still have only one of the models available.

This is a scenario that was expected to happen. The end of Windows Phones would eventually lead to the end of sales and the end of the equipment with this system. Interestingly, the sale of smartphones in the Microsoft store continues, but only Android smartphones.

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