Microsoft Is Showing Ads In Their Windows 10 Mail App Message List
Microsoft Is Showing Ads In Their Windows 10 Mail App Message List

We all know very well that the tech giant Microsoft is quite aggressive towards its well-known and the most used latest Windows OS, of course, Windows 10. As, now according to the latest reports, the tech giant Microsoft is showing inline Ads in their Windows 10 mail app message list.

Microsoft Is Showing Ads In Their Windows 10 Mail App Message List

The tech giant Microsoft started to advertise to some users of the Email app in Windows 10. These are program ads that appear in the message list and look like a new email.

As Bleeping Computer notes, these ads have the AdChoices token, indicating that they are customized based on your interests – determined, for example, by the pages you’ve visited in the past.

Since these ads have the same look as a regular email, this can lead the user to click on them as an unread message. The advertisement only appears for some users of Email; as it was not available in my tests. The tech giant Microsoft must be performing an A/B test to evaluate whether or not this is implemented.

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However, we all know that every free webmail service has advertisements. After all, the development of new features and servers for email hosting do not go away for free. S the tech giant Google, for example, displays custom ads in Gmail for web and Android, especially on the “Promotions” tab.

On the other hand, it may be strange to see ads in an application installed by default. Yes, Windows 10 has been distributed for free for some time, but it also comes pre-installed on new PCs – and you pay for the license to use it.

Ads on Windows 10

Windows 10 already displays ads in some places. Last year, File Explorer started to display a banner to sign OneDrive, the cloud storage service. You’ll also find app and service recommendations on the lock screen, the Start menu, and even on the taskbar. To disable them, you need to access different areas of Settings.

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Another experiment in the Email app

The tech giant Microsoft has already used Email for another experiment: Always open links on the Edge, even if it is not your default browser. This is available only to users in the Windows Insider program.

Even with negative feedback, the tech giant Microsoft will keep Edge as the default browser for opening links in Email. However, according to MSPowerUser, now the tech giant Microsoft decided to enter an option to disable this.

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