We all know that virtual assistants make our job much easier, and at this year’s Build Conference in 2016, the software giant announced plans to build a series of chatbots that interact with users like real men.

While the tech giant Google Assistant, Google, and Apple have Siri, Microsoft has not developed these technologies unless we consider “Cortana”.

Microsoft Wants To Develop A New Personal Assistant

Although the company Microsoft which is founded by Bill Gates, already has Cortana, it seems that Redmond wants to take a step forward and have a product on its sleeve to compete with the new assistant of Google and Apple.

Hence, the vacancy opportunities are offered in the Microsoft portal, which reveals that the firm is behind the tech experts and engineers working on the project.

According to the tech giant Microsoft “Your new smart personal assistant” can help you to find things on your computer, manage your calendar, and even able to chat with the users of Windows 10 and can also make jokes.

As the tech giant Microsoft stated, “In Bing Concierge Bot, Our team is building a highly intelligent productivity agent that communicates with the user over a conversation platform, such as Skype, Messenger, SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.

The agent does what a human assistant would do: it runs errands on behalf of the user by automatically completing tasks for the user. The user talk to the agent in natural language, and the agent responds in natural language to collect all the information; once ready, it automatically performs the task for the user by connecting to service providers.

For example, the user might ask, ‘make me a reservation at an Italian place tonight’, and the agent will respond with ‘for how many people?’; after several such back-and-forth turns, it will confirm and book the restaurant the user picked”.

As the tech giant Google’s “Google Assistant”, an improved version of Google Now, has evolved so much that it can now understand complicated voice commands and perform various tasks at high speed.

Meanwhile, Apple has long been working on its new virtual assistant, Viv, to replace Siri. With this voice assistant, it is already possible to develop miscellaneous tasks like ordering food or booking a hotel room.

This has been known for a slip that the company laid the foundations for Bill Gates since published a job quickly withdrawn by the company, in which the developers were requested for this project.

Quite credible rumors speak that the tech giant Microsoft has named its virtual assistant “Bing Concierge Bot”, intended as a parody of the virtual assistant Google Home.


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