According to the latest reports, PUBG Mobile has recently released its new update, 0.12.0. The most outstanding feature of this new update is the arrival of Zombie Mode: Darkest Night, where the players havemustvive until dawn while facing swarms of zombies.

New PUBG Mobile Update: New Weapons, Spectator Mode, Darkest Night

PUBG Mobile has just released its new update, 0.12.0, and the most outstanding feature of this new update is the arrival of Zombie Mode: Darkest Night, where the players have to survive until dawn while facing swarms of zombies.

Both the Zombie mode and the Spectator mode and updates to the gameplay of the Zombie mode are available for free once we update the game in the App Store and Google Play;, we will be able to enjoy the game.

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However, apart from all these things, let’s explore all the features of the new update 0.12.0; as below, we have mentioned and described all the features that the latest update offers. So, now, without wasting time let’s simply explore the features we have mentioned below.

Darkest Night

Players can go alone or in a group and fight to survive the undead and toxic gas invasion until the evacuation arrives at dawn. And not only that, but even this new mode also introduces a skill tree for each player, and all these skills are crucial to staying alive during each of the three nights.

Survive Till Dawn 2

The survival mode of PUBG Mobile, in collaboration with Resident Evil 2, has been redesigned with new enemies and weapons that had never before been seen to give more emotion to the game.

Value-added features:-

  • Stun grenades will now affect zombies.
  • I added liquid nitrogen grenades that will freeze and slow down zombies.
  • Added zombies jumping and zombie dogs.
  • Some zombies will now climb walls and climb rooftops.
  • Added RPG-7 and multiple loaders.
  • Flamethrowers now do more damage.
  • Better tuned M134.
  • Players can get power.
  • Zombies will move slower when hit with weapons.
  • We have added Quick Chat messages from Survive Night to the classic and default voice pack.
  • Daily quests can now be completed in Zombie mode: Survive Till Dawn 2.

Spectator Mode

Players can now watch the live games of their friends, clanmates, or players of their groups.

Crosshair Modifications

The red dot, holographic, 2x, and 3x scopes can now be adjusted with new colors, using different shapes and modifications in the red dot reticle.

A fame support meter has been added.

Players can now show their support to other players with “Likes” and become friends with friends who have 400 or more.

EvoZone has replaced the Event mode

The new Zombie mode, Survive Till Dawn 2, is now available under this mode, and not only that,, even new game modes will be added in the future.

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